The Quintessential Plot Twist

The quintessential plot twist is about subverting expectations. Basically, this is a bait and switch situation. A story makes the audience think a something predictable is going to happen, but it doesn't.

First, a plot establishes or suggests a particular expectation. Then a plot builds on this expectation by leading one to believe something they've seen plenty of times before is going to happen. However, the plot eventually reveals an entirely different situation or result.

At the very least, a twist serves as a pivotal plot point or event that alters the direction of an adventure. Additionally, the plot twist frequently offers an opportunity to introduce and explore a subplot. Obviously, multiple twists offer multiple subplot opportunities.

The following plot twists could serve as inspiration for a short and simple, self-contained, stand-alone adventure. Additionally, many of these plot twists could easily integrate with each other for a longer, more complex, and interesting adventure. Alternately, they'll easily integrate with The Quintessential Adventure Plot Outline.

Quintessential plot twist ideas:
  • Person being rescued doesn't desire to be rescued.
  • Hero or ally is framed for a crime they didn't commit.
  • The whole town is covertly conspiring with the villain.
  • Hero or ally is duped into mistakenly assisting the villain.
  • Hero discovers the villain is a family member/friend/lover.
  • An ally willingly switches sides or is forced to betray the hero.
  • A supposed ally is actually a double agent working for the villain.
  • Something or somebody thought to be harmful is actually helpful.
  • Something or somebody thought to be helpful is actually harmful.
  • A supposed henchman/minion is actually a double agent or an ally.
  • Hero discovers the current adventure isn't related to the larger scheme.
  • A henchman/minion willingly switches sides or is forced to assist the hero.
  • Hero's efforts to solve a problem unintentionally makes the situation worse.
  • Hero foils a fiendish plot, but discover it's only part of a much larger scheme.
  • Hero receives unexpected assistance from an unknown and mysterious source.
  • Corrupt local officials or law enforcers are covertly conspiring with the villain.
  • The person he's protecting isn't the person who has been targeted by the villain. 
  • Hero's actions to foil a fiendish plot unintentionally benefits the villain's scheme.
  • Hero encounters unexpected opposition from an unknown and mysterious source.
  • Hero is discarded/betrayed/robbed/attacked/not paid after the mission is completed.
  • The villain falls in love with the hero, hero's wife, mother, mistress, sister, or daughter.
  • Hero must temporarily join forces with an enemy/rival/villain to defeat a greater villain.
  • A supposed henchman/minion is unwillingly/unwittingly being forced to serve the villain.
  • Hero must choose between obtaining the treasure or defeating/capturing/killing the villain.
  • Hero discovers a supposed villain's evil deed was committed to serve a greater good or prevent a greater evil.
  • Villain masterminds a conflict between his enemy/rival and the hero. No matter who prevails, the villain benefits.
  • Object sought by the hero isn't in the location it's supposed to be. Perhaps, it's been moved, stolen, or destroyed.
  • Whatever weapon, tool, or object the hero and his allies most rely on unexpectedly breaks, malfunctions, or fails.
  • Object sought by the hero does not rightfully belong to the person who commissioned the hero to obtain and return it.
  • The hero falls in love with the villain, villain's mother, mistress, sister, daughter, henchman, spy, slave girl, or minion.
  • Hero discovers the current adventure is a distraction orchestrated by the villain to prevent hero from foiling the real objective.
  • It turns out the old tale, legend, or myth, which nobody actually believed, is true and it's very bad news for the hero and his allies.
  • Hero must choose between saving himself/ally/damsel/innocent other from certain death or defeating/capturing/killing the villain.
  • Hero is fired before completing the mission, depriving him of much needed resources, official support, assistance, and financial backing. 
  • Hero must choose between benefit for a community to the detriment of an individual or benefit an individual to the detriment of a community.
  • At first, some unexpected gift seems like a wonderful present. However, it quickly becomes a source of grief, damage, disease, death, or chaos.
  • The hero must recruit two allies. Unfortunately, these two are bitter rivals or enemies. The hero must convince them to work together or the mission is doomed.
  • In exchange for necessary assistance, hero must promise to pay an unspecified price to be named at a later date (return the favor/devil's pact/Jin Qua's bargain or Dirk Struan's "coin debt"). 
  • Acquiring the object is an easy task but significant difficulty lies in bringing it back, keeping it intact, protecting it, or fending off its negative effects on the return trip.
  • The hero is unexpectedly offered membership in some powerful secret society. Will the other members reveal themselves to be potential enemies or allies?
  • The villain has targeted multiple victims simultaneously. Time is running out. The hero and his allies can only save some victims, but not others. Who will they save and who will they allow to die?
  • Doing the right thing will have seriously negative consequences for the hero and his allies. Doing the wrong thing will have massive rewards for the hero and his allies. What will the hero choose to do?
  • The villain is believed to be male but is actually female, a vampire but is actually a werewolf, living but is actually dead, elderly but is actually a child, horribly disfigured but is actually breathtakingly beautiful, etcetera.
  • Object sought by the hero does not function, never functioned, is incomplete, is broken, is a forgery, fake, or decoy, doesn't exist and never did, is not what it was supposed to be, is far too massive to be retrieved and must be destroyed.
  • An informant or supposed expert is actually a lunatic, provides faulty information, or doesn't possess any useful information. He's led the hero and his allies down the wrong path or on a wild goose chase.
  • Person being rescued is not who they're supposed to be, is a decoy, is an impersonator, case of mistaken identity, is an innocent nobody and is unrelated to the plot, is the laboratory assistant not the scientist, is the scientist not the scientist's daughter. 
  • The hero and his allies are told of a famous, legendary, or mythic person who could be a potential ally and provide significant assistance. After an arduous quest to locate him, they discover he's in no condition to help. Perhaps, he's an extremely old age, suffers from dementia, is crippled, is dead, or simply a fictional myth.

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