Chronologic Reading Order

SME Special Marvel Edition
MOKF Master of Kung Fu
MOKF GS Giant Size Master of Kung Fu
MOKF AN Master of Kung Fu Annual
DHOKF Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
DHOKF SAE Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Special Album Edition
MCP Marvel Comics Presents
MOKF BB Master of Kung Fu: Bleeding Black (1990)
MOKF MAX Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu (2002)
JIM Journey Into Mystery

SeptemberSME15Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu
SeptemberSME16Midnight Brings Dark Death
SeptemberDHOKF1Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu
SeptemberMOKF17Lair of the Lost
MarchDHOKF2Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu
MarchDHOKF3Web of Bleeding Vipers
MarchMOKF18Part 1: Attack
MarchMOKF19Part 2: Retreat
MarchMOKF20Part 3: Weapon of the Soul
MarchMOKF21Part 4: Season of Vengeance
JuneMOKF GS1Part 4: Frozen Past, Shattered Memories
JuneMOKF GS1Part 5: Reflections in a Rippled Pool
JuneMOKF GS1Part 1: Death Masque
JuneMOKF GS1Part 2: The Enemy Within
JuneMOKF GS1Part 3: The Council of Seven
AugustMOKF22Fortune of Death
JuneDHOKF SAE1The Master Plan of Fu Manchu
JuneDHOKF4Circle of Serpent's Blood
JulyDHOKF5Two Goals to Seek, One Path to Glory
AugustDHOKF6Lesson of the Locust
SeptemberDHOKF7The Past Assassins
OctoberDHOKF8A Hatred for All Seasons
NovemberDHOKF9A Contest of Truth
JanuaryDHOKF11A Different Lesson In Blood Unchanged
SeptemberMOKF GS2Part 1: The Devil Doctor's Triumph
SeptemberMOKF GS2Part 2: Air
SeptemberMOKF GS2Part 3: Deceit
SeptemberMOKF GS2Part 4: Dementia
SeptemberMOKF23Part 1: River of Death
SeptemberMOKF24Part 2: Massacre Along the Amazon
SeptemberMOKF25Part 3: Rights of Courage, Fists of Death
DecemberMOKF GS3Part 1: Fires of Rebirth
DecemberMOKF GS3Part 2: London
DecemberMOKF GS3Part 3: Crucible of Deceit
DecemberMOKF GS3Part 4: Test of Loyalty
DecemberMOKF26Part 1: Daughter of Darkness
DecemberMOKF27Part 2: Confrontation
DecemberMOKF28Part 3: A Small Spirit Slowly Shaped
FebruaryDHOKF12Part 1: Blood of the Golden Dragon
FebruaryDHOKF13Part 2: The Dragon Dies at Midnight
FebruaryDHOKF14Part 3: Thief in Golden Shadows
FebruaryDHOKF16Part 4: Demons in Painted Death
FebruaryDHOKF17Part 5: The Key to the Dragon's Heart
FebruaryDHOKF18Part 6: Secret of the Dragon
MarchMOKF GS4Part 1: Why a Tiger Claw
MarchMOKF GS4Part 2: The Way of the Tiger: A Movement in Blood
MarchMOKF36Part 1: Cages of Myth, Menagerie of Mirrors
MarchMOKF37Part 2: Web of Dark Death
MarchMOKF29Part 1: The Crystal Connection
MarchMOKF30Part 2: A Gulf of Lions
MarchMOKF31Part 3: Snowbuster
AprilMOKF102A Vision of Winter in Spring
JuneMOKF32Part 1: Assault on an Angry Sea
JuneMOKF33Part 2: Wicked Messenger of Madness
JuneMOKF34Part 3: Cyclone at the Center of a Madman's Crown
JuneMOKF35Part 4: Death-Hand and the Sun of Mordillo
DecemberMOKF38Part 1: Cat
DecemberMOKF39Part 2: Fight without Pity
DecemberMOKF40Part 3: The Murder Agency
DecemberMOKF41Part 4: Slain in Secrecy and Illusion
DecemberMOKF AN1The Fortress of Sahra Sharn
DecemberDHOKF29To Slay the Savior
DecemberMOKF42Part 5: The Clock of Shattered Time
DecemberMOKF43Part 6: A Flash of Purple Sparks
DecemberMOKF44Part 7: Prelude - Golden Daggers (A Death Run)
DecemberMOKF45Part 8: Part One - Death Seed
DecemberMOKF46Part 9: Part Two (Clive Reston) - The Spider Spell
DecemberMOKF47Part 10: Part Three (Leiko Wu) - Phantom Sand
DecemberMOKF48Part 11: Part Four (Black Jack Tarr) - City in the Top of the World
DecemberMOKF49Part 12: Part Five (Sir Dennis Nayland Smith) - The Affair of the Agent that Died
DecemberMOKF50Part 13: Part Six (Fu Manchu) - The Dreamslayer
DecemberMOKF51Part 14: Epilogue - Brass and Blackness (A Death Move)
FebruaryMOKF52A Night at the 1001 Nights
MOKF53MOKF #53 is a reprint of issue #20 and should be chronologically ignored.
SeptemberMOKF59Part 1: The Phoenix Gambit – The Temple of Time
SeptemberMOKF60Part 2: The Phoenix Gambit – The End
SeptemberDHOKF31Part 1: Dark Waters of Death
SeptemberDHOKF32Part 2: The Tiger-Sons Must Die
NovemberDHOKF33Between Two Hates
AprilMOKF54Part 1: The Story of War-Yore
AprilMOKF56Part 2: Of Heroes Past and Battles Present
AprilMOKF57Part 3: Call It Thunder
AprilMOKF58Part 4: The Final Faces
MayMOKF55The Ages of Death
NovemberMOKF61Part 1: Glass Orchids
NovemberMOKF62Part 2: Red Seas
NovemberMOKF63Part 3: Hiding Cats
NovemberMOKF65Part 4: Black Knights
NovemberMOKF66Part 5: Two Rivers
NovemberMOKF67Part 6: Dark Encounters
NovemberMOKF68Part 7: Final Combats
NovemberMOKF69Part 8: Stairway to Rage
FebruaryMOKF70Home to Die
FebruaryMOKF64Deadly Lessons: Like Father, Like Son
MarchMOKF71Part 1: Nightimes
MarchMOKF72Part 2: Traitors to the Crown
MarchMOKF73Part 3: Prisoners of the Crown
MarchMOKF74Part 4: Brynocki Triumphant
MarchMOKF75Part 5: Shattered Crowns
MarchMOKF76Part 6: Smoke, Beads & Blood
MarchMOKF77Part 7: Weapons
MarchMOKF78Part 8: Tread the Night Softly
MarchMOKF79Part 9: To Sleep this Side of Death
MarchMOKF80Part 10: The Pride of Leopards
MarchMOKF81Part 11: Breathless
MarchMOKF82Part 12: Like a God Weeping Fire
MarchMOKF83Part 13: Part One - The Phoenix and the Snake
MarchMOKF84Part 14: Part Two - The Bull and the Dragon
MarchMOKF85Part 15: Part Three - The Ram and The Dove
MarchMOKF86Part 16: Part Four - The Phoenix and the Dragon
MarchMOKF87Part 17: Part Five – The Chrysalis and the Peacock
MarchMOKF88Part 18: Part Six - The Leopard and the Dove
MarchMOKF89Part 19: Part Seven - The Dragons
AprilMOKF90Part 1: Triumphs of the Flesh
AprilMOKF91Part 2: Triumphs of the Spirit
AprilMOKF92Part 3: Shadows of a Silent Past
JulyMOKF93Part 1: Midnight Wind
JulyMOKF94Part 2: Agent Syn's Nightmare
JulyMOKF95Part 3: The Samisdat Secret
OctoberMOKF96Part 1: Carter's Super Midnight
OctoberMOKF97Part 2: Lost Art
OctoberMOKF98Part 3: The Journey as Goal
JanuaryMOKF99Part 1: Bitter Harvest
JanuaryMOKF100Part 2: Red of Fang and Claw, All Love Lost
JanuaryMOKF101Part 3: Not Smoke, Nor Beads, Nor Blood
MayMOKF103Part 1: A City A Sea
MayMOKF104Part 2: Fight without Reason
MayMOKF105Part 3: The Razor-Fist Connection
MayMOKF106Part 4: The Assassin Master
SeptemberMOKF107Part 1: A Painless Result of Having Lived
SeptemberMOKF108Part 2: Chameleons
SeptemberMOKF109Part 3: The Dark Angel's Kiss
SeptemberMOKF114A Fantasy of the Autumn Moon
DecemberMOKF110Part 1: Perilous Reign
DecemberMOKF111Part 2: Deadly Rain
MarchMOKF112Part 1: Commit and Destroy
MarchMOKF113Part 2: Learn and Burn
MayMOKF115Part 1: Deals
MayMOKF116Part 2: Blood of His Blood
MayMOKF117Part 3: Devil Deeds Done in Darkness
MayMOKF118Part 4: Flesh of My Flesh
JulyMOKF120Dweller by the Dark Stream
SeptemberMOKF119Brynoki's Marauders
NovemberMOKF121Passing Strangers
DecemberMOKF122The Madhouse Effect
JanuaryMOKF123Part 1: Sins of the Son
JanuaryMOKF124Part 2: Retribution
JanuaryMOKF125Part 3: Atonement
JuneMCP 1Part 1: Crossing Lines Part One - Ripples
JuneMCP 2Part 2: Crossing Lines Part Two - Bait
JuneMCP 3Part 3: Crossing Lines Part Three - Fish
JuneMCP 4Part 4: Crossing Lines Part Four - Water
JuneMCP 5Part 5: Crossing Lines Part Five - Lures
JuneMCP 6Part 6: Crossing Lines Part Six - Shaols
JuneMCP 7Part 7: Crossing Lines Part Seven - Hooks
JuneMCP 8Part 8: Crossing Lines Part Eight - Kills
MarchMCP156Part 1: The Gauntlet - Part I
MarchMCP157Part 2: The Gauntlet - Part II
MarchMCP158Part 3: The Gauntlet - Part III
DecemberMOKF BB1Bleeding Black
AugustMOKF MAX1Part 1: Hellfire Apocalypse
AugustMOKF MAX2Part 2: Immortal Blood
AugustMOKF MAX3Part 3: Ghost in Paradise
AugustMOKF MAX4Part 4: Hellfire
AugustMOKF MAX5Part 5: Shadow Moves
AugustMOKF MAX6Part 6: The Devil's Son
AugustJIM514Part 1: The Ripple That Stirs
AugustJIM515Part 2: The Ripple That Stirs
AugustJIM516Part 3: The Ripple That Stirs

This is a chronologic reading order. It is not a suggested reading order. In terms of an enjoyable reading experience, it's probably best to read the MOKF series and DHOKF series as separate entities.
  • MOKF GS #1 Part 4: Sequentially relocated. Rationale: This resolves both chronologic story-line continuity and geographic location issues concerning the events of MOKF # 21, MOKF GS # 1, and MOKF#22. 
  • MOKF GS #1 Part 5: Sequentially relocated. Rationale: This resolves both chronologic story-line continuity and geographic location issues concerning the events of MOKF # 21, MOKF GS # 1, and MOKF#22. 
  • MOKF #36 & #37: Sequentially relocated and chronologically adjusted. Rationale: MOKF #36 and #37 are fill-in issues. Smith, Tarr, Reston, and Shang Chi are in Smith's Central Park West townhouse in New York. This fits geographic continuity. Tarr and reston are playing chess. Presumably, the same game of chess they are playing in MOKF #29. Leiko is not present or mentioned in this story. This suggests these events occur before Shang Chi and Leiko first meet. 
  • MOKF #53: is a reprint of issue #20. Therefore, it should be chronologically and sequentially ignored. 
  • MOKF #55: Sequentially relocated. Rationale: MOKF #55 is a fill-in issue and interrupts a four part story. It should follow after issue #58. Plot details and events are intertwined with, but must follow, the resurrection of Shaka Kharn as recorded in MOKF #40-51. 
  • MOKF: #59: Sequentially relocated. Rationale: This resolves chronologic story-line continuity issues concerning the relationship of Shang Chi and Leiko detailed in MOKF #58 and #61. 
  • MOKF: #60: Sequentially relocated. Rationale: Issues #59 and #60 form a single indivisible story-line. 
  • MOKF #64: Sequentially relocated. Rationale: MOKF #64 is a fill-in issue and interrupts an eight part story-line. Chronologically, for geographic location continuity, it should follow after issue #70. 
  • MOKF #102: Sequentially relocated. Rationale: This resolves chronologic story-line continuity issues concerning the events of MOKF # 101, 102, and 103. 
  • MOKF #114: Sequentially relocated and chronologically adjusted to September 1981. Rationale: This resolves logic and chronologic story-line continuity issues concerning the date of events as recorded in MOKF # 113, 114, 115, and 120. 
  • MOKF #120: Sequentially relocated and chronologically adjusted to July. Rationale: Shang Chi explicitly states the month is July.
For a more detailed exposition see: Continuity

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