The Quintessential Character

The following character archetypes are intended to serve as inspiration when creating a character. These basic character types are rather simple and predictable. However, each provides a solid foundation for characterization. Typically, complex and interesting characters frequently combine aspects and elements of multiple character types. For additional character depth, flavor, and personality archetypes, it's useful to integrate these nine character types with Western astrological signs of the zodiac and Chinese astrological signs of the zodiac.

Enneagram - the nine interconnected
values of the human psyche.


Type 1 - The Reformer
Type 2 - The Helper
Type 3 - The Achiever
Type 4 - The Individualist
Type 5 - The Analyst
Type 6 - The Loyalist
Type 7 - The Enthusiast
Type 8 - The Challenger
Type 9 - The Peacemaker

Type 1

The Reformer - a principled and moral perfectionist on a mission.

Righteous Hero, Wise Realist, Reasonable Person, Principled Teacher, Idealistic Reformer, Orderly Person, Judgmental Perfectionist, Intolerant Misanthrope, Obsessive Hypocrite, Punitive Avenger, Misguided Moralist, Rebellious Revolutionary, Villainous Zealot, Insufferable Ideologue, Beat Cop, Critic, Crusader, Cult Leader, Judge

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Type 2

The Helper - a giving, self-denying, altruistic nurturer.

Helpful Hero, Impartial Altruist, Caring Person, Nurturing Helper, Effusive Friend, Possessive Intimate, Self-Important Saint, Insufferable Martyr, Self-Deceptive Manipulator, Coercive Dominator, Psychosomatic Victim, Bleeding Heart, Caregiver, Caretaker, Doctor, Do-Gooder, Giver, Good Samaritan, Healer, Humanitarian, Medic, Mother, Nurse, Philanthropist, Psychiatrist, Social Worker

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Type 3

The Achiever - a driven, status-seeking, self-assured go-getter.

Accomplished Hero, Authentic Person, Self-Assured Person, Outstanding Paragon, Competitive Status Seeker, Image Conscious Pragmatist, Self-Promoting Narcissist, Dishonest Opportunist, Malicious Deceiver, Vindictive Psychopath, Furious Destroyer, Over-Achiever, Attorney, Celebrity, Executive, Financier, Gossip Columnist, Hacker, Inspirational Speaker, Political Activist, Politician, Power Broker, Public Relations Director, Salesman, Stock Broker, Trend Setter

Type 4

The Individualist - a creative, romantic, self-aware soul.

Inspired Creator, Self-Aware Intuitive, Self-Revealing Individual, Imaginative Aesthete, Self-Indulgent "Exception", Alienated Depressive, Emotionally Tormented Person, Self-Destructive Person, Sociopathic Killer, Actor, Artist, Bard, Elitist, Empath, Guidance Counselor, Individualist, Musician, Poet, Psychologist, Romantic

Type 5

The Analyst - a focused, skillful, and perceptive visionary.

Pioneering Visionary, Perceptive Observer, Focused Innovator, Studious Expert, Intense Conceptualizer, Provocative Cynic, Isolated Nihilist, Terrified Alien, Imploded Schizoid, Destroyer, Detective, Evil Genius, Investigator, Mad Scientist, Organizer, Philosopher, Planner, Scientist, Strategist, Thinker 

Type 6

The Loyalist - a dependable, loyal, and trustworthy ally.

Valiant Hero, Engaging Person, Committed Worker, Dutiful Loyalist, Ambivalent Pessimist, Authoritarian Rebel, Overreacting Dependent, Paranoid Hysteric, Self-Defeating Masochist, Cult Follower, Guardian, Insufferable Ideologue, Loyalist, Loyal Skeptic, Loyal Ally, Misguided Moralist, Rebel

Type 7

The Enthusiast - a vivacious and spontaneous live wire.

Ecstatic Appreciator, Free-Spirited Enthusiast, Accomplished Generalist, Experienced Sophisticate, Hyperactive Extrovert, Excessive Hedonist, Impulsive Escapist, Manic Compulsive, Panic-Stricken Hysteric, Entertainer, Epicurean, Optimist, Adventurer, Joker

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Type 8

The Challenger - a purposeful, challenging, protective leader.

Magnanimous Heart, Self-Confident Person, Constructive leader, Enterprising Adventurer, Dominating Power-Broker, Confrontational Adversary, Ruthless Outlaw, Omnipotent Megalomaniac, Organizer, Mastermind, Violent Destroyer, Maverick, Problem Solver, Protector

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Type 9

The Peacemaker - a reassuring, optimistic, diplomatic mediator.

Self-Possessed Guide, Receptive Person, Supportive Peacemaker, Accommodating Role-Player, Disengaged Person, Resigned Fatalist, Denying Doormat, Dissociating Automaton, Self-Abandoning Ghost

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