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WARNING: There's a metric ton of spoilers below this point!

Birth of Dirk Lochlin Struan.
He is the son of Parlan Duncan Struan and Bonnie McCloud-Struan. He is born on a small farm in Struan Kirk, Perthshire, Scotland.
Sometime this Year
Death of Bonnie McCloud-Struan.

Birth of Robb Shipley.
He is the illegitimate son of Mary "Catherine" Shipley and an unidentified man.
Early this Year
Marriage of Parlan Struan and Catherine Shipley.
Parlan adopts Catherine's son Robb. Lands belonging to the clan of Struan are purchased by the Earl of Struan. Preferring to live near her brothers and sisters, Catherine convinces Parlan to relocate the family to Wold Newton, England.
[ Secret History of the Noble House by Dixon Kinqade. ]

A meteorite plunges to earth, landing near the English village of Wold Newton. This impact site becomes part of local folklore.
At the age of twelve, Dirk Struan begins his nautical adventures as a powder monkey on a King's ship of the Royal Navy at the battle of Trafalgar.

By the end of this Year
Dirk Struan finds service as a cabin boy on the East India Company merchant ship "Vagrant Star" to China. Under the command of Tyler Brock, Third Mate and future nemesis, Dirk Struan is whipped mercilessly. Dirk Struan vows to someday destroy Brock.
On a fateful night in the Malacca Strait, the Vagrant Star runs aground on a reef and sinks. At the age of fourteen, Struan swims ashore and finds his way to Singapore. Later, Dirk Struan discovers that Tyler Brock survives as well.
[ Tai-Pan by James Clavell. ]
Struan works only for himself. He begins practicing piracy on Chinese junks and uses them to make dangerous opium runs up the China coast.
[ Secret History of the Noble House by Dixon Kinqade. ]
Dirk Struan is a Captain-Owner of his own ship on the opium run. Tyler Brock is his chief rival.

Marriage of Dirk Struan and Ronalda.
They are married in Scotland, but immediately leave for Macau.
Birth of Chen Kai Sung.
She is the daughter of Jin Qua and his fifth wife.
Dirk Struan and Tyler Brock dominate the opium trade.
[ Tai-Pan by James Clavell. ]
Birth of Mei-Mei (Chen Chun Jin).
She is the daughter of Hau Qua and his fifth wife. Hau Qua is the first son of Jin Qua. Mei-Mei is the favorite granddaughter of Jin Qua. 
[ Noble House by James Clavell. ]
Jin Qua arranges for Chen Kai Sung, his daughter by a fifth wife, to become Dirk Struan's mistress.
[ Tai-Pan by James Clavell. ] [ Noble House by James Clavell. ]
Birth of Culum Struan.
He is the son of Dirk Struan and Ronalda. Shortly after his birth, Ronalda and Culum are sent to Glasgow. Ronalda will never return to China.

Birth of Gordon Chen (Chen Guo Dan).
He is the son of Dirk Struan and Chen Kai Sung.
Birth of Tess Brock.
She is the daughter of Tyler Brock and Liza Brock. Her brothers are Gorth, Morgan, and Tom. Her sister is Elizabeth.
The British East India Company decides to make an example of Struan and Brock. The Company withdraws their licenses and the two men are financially wiped out. Brock is left with his ship, Struan with nothing. Brock enters a secret agreement with another opium trader.

Dirk Struan sells Chen Kai Sung to Chen Sheng (Chen Chun Sheng). Chen Sheng is the first comprador of Struan & Company and nephew of Jin Qua (Chen Jin An). Chen Sheng takes Chen Kai Sung as his third wife.

Chen Guo Dan is adopted by Chen Sheng. Chen Guo Dan elects to take his adoptive father's family name of Chen. Gordon is the English mispronunciation of his Chinese name Guo Dan. Furthermore, Gordon Chen chooses to be "more Chinese than British".

Dirk Struan pilfers a lorcha from pirates in Macau. He becomes a clandestine opium smuggler for other China traders. He relentlessly confiscates more pirate ships. Using them to make dangerous illicit opium runs up the China coast, he makes even greater profits.
[ Tai-Pan by James Clavell. ]

By the end of this Year
Dirk Struan takes a new mistress.
Birth of Ling Ju Hai.
[ Secret History of the Noble House by Dixon Kinqade. ]
In England, free trade reform advocates succeed in ending the monopoly of the British East India Company under the Charter Act of the previous year. Finally, British trade opens to private entrepreneurs. With the freedom to legally trade, Dirk Struan and Tyler Brock became merchant princes. Their armed fleets expand and bitter rivalry hones their enmity even keener.
[ Tai-Pan by James Clavell. ]
Jin Qua arranges for Mei-Mei (Chen Chun Jin), his favorite granddaughter, to become Dirk Struan's mistress. She's secretly assigned the task of teaching "the green-eyed devil" Struan civilized ways.
[ Tai-Pan by James Clavell. ] [ Noble House by James Clavell. ]
Dirk Struan is considered the Tai Pan of all Tai Pan. Struan & Company is recognized as The Noble House. Business concerns of The Noble House include smuggling opium from India into China, trading spices and sugar from the Philippines, importing Chinese tea and silk into England, handling cargo papers, cargo insurance, renting of dockyard facilities and warehouse space, trade financing, and other numerous lines of business and trade.

The company possesses nineteen intercontinental clipper ships. A close rival, Brock & Sons Trading Company, possesses thirteen. Additionally, Struan & Company possesses hundreds of small ships and lorchas for upriver coastal smuggling.
Gordon Chen is remarkably intelligent and a very skilled businessman. However, he longs for recognition from his biological father, Dirk Struan. Gordon Chen decides the most effective way to achieve this objective is to become indispensable to Dirk Struan and The Noble House.
[ Tai-Pan by James Clavell. ]

Ling Ju Hai is abducted.
She is rescued by Sir William Clayton.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ] [ Secret History of the Noble House by Dixon Kinqade. ]
Birth of Fu Manchu (Shan Ming Fu) .
Born in the year of the snake (Wednesday - May 28, 1840), he is the son of Sir William Clayton and Ling Ju Hai. His twin brother is named Shan Lan Fu. Primarily raised by his mother, Shan Ming Fu possesses two qualities frowned upon in Asian societies: illegitimate birth and mixed blood. Likely, these form the fundamental psychological roots of his animosity toward western society.
[ The precise month and day are speculation. It seems only appropriate that he was born under the astrological sign of Gemini - the twins. ]

Ling Ju Hai recognizes the merits in both tradition and modernization. Although a pragmatist, she holds an idealistic vision of a powerful and modernized China competing and winning against the Western Powers. She's determined that her two sons be well educated by both eastern and western standards.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]
January - July
Events detailed in "Tai-Pan" unfold.
The Noble House is on the brink of financial collapse and about to be destroyed by rival Tyler Brock. In desperation and upon prompting by Mary Sinclair, Dirk Struan turns to Jin Qua. In exchange for a series of favours and promises, Dirk Struan receives a loan of "40 Lac" (approximately £1,000,000) in silver bullion from the Jin Qua.

The first part of the arrangement, Struan must agree to certain trade concessions. The second part of the arrangement, Struan must agree that a member of the Chen family would forever be comprador of Noble House. The third part of the arrangement, Struan must agree to sell Jin Qua a sizable plot of land in Hong Kong with the deed to be recorded in the name of Gordon Chen. The fourth part of the arrangement, Struan must agree to the "coin debt".

Four bronze coins are split in half. Four halves are given to Dirk Struan and the other four halves are kept by Jin Qua. Anyone who presents a half-coin to the Tai-Pan of The Noble House must be granted whatever he asks, whether legal or illegal. All future Tai-Pan of The Noble House must swear to keep this bargain. This serves as repayment for the loan of silver.

Tess Brock and Culum Struan fall in love and are married. The couple condemn their fathers' hatred. Tyler Brock disowns his little Tess, a grudging act that has terrible consequences.

Due to the bargain struck between Dirk Struan and Jin Qua, Gordon Chen manages Jin Qua's financial interests in Hong Kong, investing in land and money lending. Gordon Chen seizes leadership of the Hong Kong Triads (Chinese: 三 合 會, Pinyin: Sān Hé Huì). Partly due to assistance from his father and partly due to running protection rackets, Gordon Chen quickly becomes the wealthiest Chinese man in Hong Kong.

Gordon Chen conceals this information from his father. When his status as Dragon Head of the Triad is revealed, his position is nearly ruined. Fortunately, facts are dismissed as lies. Although, Dirk Struan is not entirely convinced.

As part of his efforts to protect his father, Gordon Chen arranges the assassination of Gorth Brock and seeks to acquire a cure for Mei-Mei's malaria. The first half-coin of Jin Qua is presented to Dirk Struan by the pirate warlord Wu Fang Choi.

Dirk Struan is killed in a typhoon. Culum Struan becomes the second Tai Pan of The Noble House. Gordon Chen begin's placing spies on Struan & Company's ships. Gordon Chen raises Duncan and Kate Struan, the children of Dirk Struan and Mei-Mei.
[ Tai-Pan by James Clavell. ] [ Noble House by James Clavell. ]
The First Opium War ends.
The Taiping Rebellion begins.
The Second Opium War begins.
To protect her sons from the ravages of war and to provide a prestigious western education, Ling Ju Hai sends them off to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Shan Ming Fu and Shan Lan Fu rapidly complete their educations at Edinburgh. However, the war has not yet ended and they are forbidden by Ling Ju Hai to return home.
[ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]

Shan Ming Fu and Shan Lan Fu are encouraged by Ling Ju Hai to get as much Western education as possible without losing traditional Eastern values. Ling Ju Hai is not alone in these sentiments. This is the essence of the Self Strengthening Movement which will influence Chinese culture during the next decade
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]

Shan Ming Fu is educated at the western Universities of Edinburgh, Heidelberg, and Sorbonne. Shan Ming Fu acquires doctorates from all three universities, including a Doctorate in Medicine. It's likely that Shan Ming Fu studies medicine, science, and linguistics at each of these universities.
[ The Bride of Fu Manchu. This date is speculation. ] [ Emperor Fu Manchu. This date is speculation.]
[ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]

Shan Lan Fu is educated at the Universities of Edinburgh, Christ College, and Harvard.

The two brothers study much the same disciplines at their respective colleges, but differ greatly when it comes to their ultimate career choices.

Shan Lan Fu chooses to serve the people of China through science and medicine. He becomes a noted physician in Beijing. He also taught western science and medicine to the outlying areas of the Chinese Empire. He's a naturalist, explorer, and a proto-archaeologist interested in tracing China's past history of greatness. These explorations will often take him outside of the Empire into areas once ruled by China or connected to China through lore and legend.

Shan Ming Fu chooses to serve the people of China through its system of government. Shan Ming Fu employs his westernized knowledge of science and philosophy to further the Self Strengthening Movement as advisor to the Governor-General of Honan (Henan) Province.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]
The Second Opium War ends.
Events detailed in "Gai-Jin" unfold.
While Culum Struan is Tai Pan, Gordon Chen is named as second comprador of The Noble House, replacing his adoptive father Chen Chung Sheng. Gordon is known as Illustrious Chen for his great wealth and social status among the native Chinese people of Hong Kong.

Culum proves to be a weak Tai-Pan and his wife, Tess, is forced to take ever-increasing responsibility. Gordon Chen's spies are placed among the Chinese servants of important European officials in Japan.

Malcolm Struan, son of Culum Struan and Tess Struan, manages Struan & Company's interests in Japan. Upon Culum's death, he assumes the role of Tai Pan. His mother and Gordon Chen urge Malcolm to return to Hong Kong and formally become Tai Pan. However, Malcolm Struan is unable to travel due to an ambush by samurai, which nearly kills him and leaves him severely wounded.

In a series of letters from his mother and uncle Gordon, it's revealed that, on his deathbed, Culum officially passed the mantle of Tai Pan to Tess in complete accordance with Dirk Struan's "Legacy". As Tai Pan of The Noble House, Tess orders Malcolm to return to Hong Kong by Christmas or be removed from Struan & Company permanently, with the mantle of Tai Pan being handed to another.

Malcolm dies of an internal hemorrhage.
As Tai Pan of The Noble House, Tess "The Hag" Struan orchestrates the destruction of her father, Tyler Brock. A penniless Tyler pirates a Chinese junk sailing north, screaming vows to rebuild his fortune and come back for the coveted title of "Noble House". He is never seen or heard from again.
[ Gai-Jin by James Clavell. ]
The Taiping Rebellion ends.
The fall of Nanjing marks the destruction of the Taiping regime. However, the fight is not yet over. There are still several hundred thousand Taiping rebel troops continuing the fight, with more than a quarter-million Taiping rebels fighting in the border regions of Jiangxi and Fujian alone.

Compelled by current poltical circumstances caused by the Taiping Rebellion, Shan Ming Fu is determined to to serve the people of China through its system of government. Shan Ming Fu employs his westernized knowledge of science and philosophy to further the Self Strengthening Movement as advisor to the Governor-General of Henan Province. During this time in Henan, Shan Ming Fu studies various martial arts and established contacts within each of the numerous orders and monasteries.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]
The Genyosha, a secret society and terrorist organization that advocates Japanese Imperial expansion and conquest of Asia, is founded by Toyama Mitsuru. The society attracts many disaffected ex-samurai to assist in its campaigns of violence and assassination against foreigners. The Genyosha successfully raise funds and cultivate a more aggressive foreign policy towards Asia.
Shan Ming Fu begins to realize the Self Strengthening program is doomed to fail.
China's efforts for modernization are diffuse and lack any coherent organization. The imperial government exerts little central control and most of the actual governance, military commands, and financial requirements are performed by the individual Governors-General of each province. Although they all claim fealty to the Imperial Government, each province is essentially an autonomous state.

Shan Ming Fu predicts problems will escalate and China will deteriorate into a collection of individual states, which can more easily be controlled by Western nations. While the Self Strengthening Movement promises to make China equal to the West, it will ultimately cripple China, handing it over to the very enemies the movement was designed to defeat.

Shan Ming Fu suspects the Self Strengthening Movement has been corrupted by Western influences. Despite its facade of uplifting China, the Self Strengthening Movement is dragging the nation down to ruin through the old adage of divide and conquer.

Shan Ming Fu composes a document outlying a stratagem to salvage the Self Strengthening Movement, providing the wherewithal to consolidate government power. Although this proposal is well received by the Qing Empress Dowager Cixi, the Imperial Government fails to enact the strategy. Furthermore, the Governor-General of Henan takes offense and dismisses Shan Ming Fu from service.

Shan Ming Fu is both humiliated and angered by this loss of face due to the petty-minded ambitions of a power-hungry official. A powerful secret society known as the Sublime Order of the White Peacock, learns of this situation. They send an agent to contact Shan Ming Fu.

The agent offers Shan Ming Fu a generous remuneration and possible reinstatement to government service, if he's willing to to work directly for them. Furthermore, the agent promises a bright future and the possibility of membership in the Sublime Order. The agent convinces an idealistic young Shan Ming Fu that rumors of their criminal activity are nothing more than western propaganda. The Sublime Order desires China to compete in the modern world, compete and ultimately conquer. This philosophy echoes those of his mother. Shan Ming Fu is amenable and begins working for, but is not yet a member of, the Sublime Order.

Sometime this Year
The Sublime Order of the White Peacock desires to forge an international confederation composed of powerful secret societies from the East including the Heaven and Earth Society, Three Harmonies Society, Dacoits of Burma, Thuggees of India, Phansigars of India, Hashishans of Syria, Druze of Syria, and others.

Directors of the Sublime Order understand their efforts, and the efforts of other groups in China, can no longer hold back the ever-encroaching tide of western imperialism much less turn back that tide. They decide to pursue negotiations with organizations outside China that not only have reasons to halt Western Imperialism but are also willing take whatever measures necessary to accomplish this task.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]
In the company of a man known as Fo-Hi, Shan Ming Fu is sent to Tibet by the Sublime Order. Together, these men are educated at the monastery of Rachë Churân. Shan Ming Fu masters techniques of hypnosis and other mental disciplines that shall aid him in the years ahead. Shan Ming Fu is highly regarded within the monastery and considered member of the brotherhood.
[ MOKF #48. Part of this story is told in flashback. ] [ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]

Sometime this Year
Professor James Moriarty is composing his great work "The Dynamics of an Asteroid" while supplementing his income as a criminal consultant. In the course of his research for his mathematical paper, he travels to the Tunguska region of Siberia in order to verify certain information.

During this Siberian trip, Moriarty discovers an artifact in a cairn. This artifact is six interconnected rings with a Chinese ideogram on each. He places the artifact in a brass-and-enamel box.

Having returned to England, Moriarty makes inquiries as to the artifacts possible origin and purpose in the Chinatown section of London's Limehouse district. Moriarty is contacted by the Sublime Order. Although they claim the artifact is worthless, the Sublime Order inform Moriarty that it possessed great religious significance and offer to purchase it for a large sum of money. Rather than sell the artifact outright, Moriarty proposes an alliance between the Sublime Order and his nascent organization, if only for purposes of intelligence and trade, in exchange for the artifact.

The Sublime Order may not know that Moriarty had been recruited by the British Secret Service during his college days. However, they do know that Moriarty is conversant with the English underworld. It is in this capacity the Sublime Order desires to utilize Moriarty's services..

In keeping with their strategy to seek alliances with organizations outside China, the Sublime Order accepts Moriarty's proposal. The alliance between Moriarty's organization and the Sublime Order is named the League of Dragons.
[ The Musgrave Version by G.A. Effinger. ]
Having achieved a sufficient degree of mental discipline at Rachë Churân, Shan Ming Fu is selected to carry out a delicate mission for the Sublime Order. He's assigned to forge an alliance with a brilliant, but amoral, Westerner whom the Sublime Order believe will be an advantageous ally.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]

Under the guise of a graduate student, obtaining a Doctorate in Philosophy from an occidental university, Shan Ming Fu travels to England in order to make contact with the Westerner. He enrolls at Cambridge under the name Ching Chuan Fu and soon contacts the Westerner.

The Westerner is James Moriarty. To all outward appearances, Moriarty is a professor of mathematics and of reputable birth. However, he's possessed of a tarnished reputation due to past scandals. At this time, it is not generally known that Moriarty is conversant with the English underworld.
[ The Musgrave Version by G.A. Effinger. ]

Fo-Hi is selected by the Sublime Order to serve as their comprador with the Thuggee Cult of Kali in Southern India.

With careful negotiations by the Sublime Order over the last two years, seven groups from throughout the East will form an organization which will be known as the Council of Seven. Shan Ming Fu observes the creation of this Council of Seven with great curiosity. There's an underlying pattern in the creation of the Council of Seven. Although many of the most astute minds in the East were among the members of the organizations that comprised that Council of Seven, no one seems to realize they're being encouraged and guided into creating the Council of Seven.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]
Through meticulous and covert research, Shan Ming Fu is able to discern who's responsible for the manipulation. Silently from the shadows, the Holy Lama Thugben Sung, abbot of Rachë Churân, has subtly guided the creation the Council of Seven. His response to Shan Ming Fu's discovery concerning his role in the creation of the Council of Seven is that of unexpected pleasure.

As the Council of Seven begins to take shape, Thugben Sung cautiously brings Shan Ming Fu into his confidence. The Council's long range objective is to end Western dominance. Successfully achieving such an undertaking must begin with a strong China. Therefore, the Council's immediate tasks are to assert influence on the Imperial Family, provide strong leadership, and establish more centralized control over the provinces.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ] [ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]
Events detailed in "The Musgrave Version" unfold.
The League of Dragons alliance nearly ends when the artifact is stolen from Shan Ming Fu's possession. Evidence suggests that Moriarty is responsible. However, Moriarty claims that he is not. Shan Ming Fu does not believe that Moriarty is involved.

Shan Ming Fu is forbidden to retrieve the artifact by the Sublime Order and the Moriarty organization. Regardless, Shan Ming Fu is compelled to re-aquire the sacred artifact and salvage the alliance as an obligation to those who had entrusted him with it's safe keeping. After all, the Sublime Order had saved him from disgrace and humiliation when he'd been dismissed from his post as the advisor to the Governor-General of Henan.
Under the guise of Ching Chuan Fu, Shan Ming Fu hires a fellow Cambridge student, with a gift for deductive reasoning and investigative abilities, to discover who had actually stolen the artifact and recover it. This student is the young Sherlock Holmes. Ching Chuan Fu informs Holmes that his true name is Fu Manchu... Doctor Fu Manchu.
[ The Musgrave Version by G.A. Effinger. ]

With the artifact irrevocably lost, the League of Dragons alliance is dissolved. Although some of Shan Ming Fu's superiors at the Sublime Order are not happy and blame Shan Ming Fu, others applaud the dissolution of this alliance. Some believe the foresighted Shan Ming Fu had sabotaged the alliance because such close collaboration with a Westerner would further erode Eastern strength and possibly expose the organization to domination by a Westerner.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]

Shan Ming Fu obtains a Doctorate in Philosophy from Cambridge University under the name Ching Chuan Fu.
[ The Bride of Fu Manchu. This date is speculation. ] [ Emperor Fu Manchu. This date is speculation.]
[ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]
Shan Ming Fu hears tales of an island called Haiti, located in the Caribbean Sea. It's said that powerful bokor are able to reanimate corpses and use these undead to do their bidding, either for benevolent purposes or for more nefarious things such as toiling mindlessly in slave labor or attacking enemies. Sometimes a person is turned into a zombi cadavre merely as punishment or as retribution for crossing a bokor. Occasionally, bokor even sell their zombi cadavre to other priests.

Zombi cadavre are described to have fixed, staring expressions. Their movements and actions are characterized as being repetitive, clumsy, and purposeless. They are slow, uncoordinated. They walk with an unsteady and shambling gait.

Zombi are able to speak, but only very basic phrases, and their speech is slurred, with a nasal quality. Zombi can also hear and understand basic commands, but their comprehension is limited. They lack free will, mostly considered to be mindless automatons.

Zombi are sometimes said to exhibit enhanced physical strength, making them ideal for hard manual labor. They display little or no responsiveness to physical stimuli, seeming to be impervious to pain or tiredness. Zombi remain in a sort of dream-like trance, with little or no awareness of their condition. They are submissive and not known to be aggressive or to attack people unless commanded to do so by their master.

Such tales intrigue Shan Ming Fu and inspire a personal quest to discover a chemical compound that will induce a similar semi-catatonic narcosynthetic state. Shan Ming Fu establishes a laboratory suitable for experimental chemical research in Jiangsu (Kiangsu) Province, China. Shan Ming Fu begins experimental research on the effects of opium, morphine, heroin, and other general anesthetics.
[ Some Chronological Observations on the Fu Manchu Series by Rick Lai. ] [ The Golden Scorpion ]
[ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]

Shan Ming Fu sets in motion a grandiose plot to falsify the deaths of high-ranking European scientists and conscript them into his service. He will continue to use similar methods for nearly 100 years.
[ The Island of Fu Manchu ]

Having read Dr. David Livingstone's "Missionary Travels and Researches in Africa", Shan Ming Fu travels to Central Africa in order to investigate a particular species of fly described as a "poisonous inesect" that causes a mysterious sleeping sickness in "ox, horse, and dog". While obtaining specimens and samples for further testing and research, Shan Ming Fu quickly discovers these large biting Tzetze flies survive by feeding on the blood of vertebrate animals. Collected samples are expedited to the Jiangsu laboratory for testing and analysis. Fu Manchu also collects baboon specimens of the species P. hamadryas from Abyssinia.

While in Central Africa, Shan Ming Fu hears tales of a mysterious Sudanese sleeping sickness, which dates back to 1373. It's some type of lethargic disease that frequently befalls the inhabitants of Sudan. In fact, slave traders are well aware of the disease and the ominous sign of swollen cervical lymph glands. It's common practice among Sudanese slavers to palpate the necks of slaves before purchasing them.
[Some Chronological Observations on the Fu Manchu Series by Rick Lai. ] [ The Legacy of Hanoi Shan by Rick Lai. ]
[ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]

While in Sudan, Shan Ming Fu's research is interrupted before it can begin. The Sublime Order informs Shan Ming Fu the Council of Seven requests his assistance at Aba Island. Having arrived at Aba Island, Shan Ming Fu instructs Muhammad Ahmad in the mental disciplines of Rachë Churân. With these techniques in hand, Muhammad Ahmad is able to garner a great following which he'll employ to foment revolt against the British in Sudan.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]

Sometime this Year
Fo-Hi encounters a female Russian agent by the name of Sonia. Russia desires to subvert British Imperial expansion in India. Agent Sonia is sent to discover information about any secret societies rumored to be plotting against the British. While investigating rumors concerning the Thuggee Cult of Kali, Sonia romances Fo-Hi in order to gain information.
[ Sirens of the Si-Fan by Rick Lai. ]
Muhammad Ahmad has been sufficiently tutored and Shan Ming Fu is eager to resume his chemical research. In Khartoum, Shan Ming Fu investigates the mysterious Sudanese sleeping sickness. He quickly identifies the cause. Much to his dismay, preliminary examination indicates the source is the same species of Tzetze fly he'd previously found in Central Africa. Nevertheless, he collects specimens and samples for further testing then returns to his laboratory in Jiangsu, China.
[ Some Chronological Observations on the Fu Manchu Series by Rick Lai ]
[ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]

Mahdist Revolution begins.
Muhammad Ahmad proclaims himself Mahdhi, the messianic redeemer of the Islamic faith. In part, this claim is based on his status as a prominent Sufi sheikh with a large following in the Samaniyya order and among the tribes in the area around Aba Island.

Shan Ming Fu's research reveals Tzetze flies are biological vectors of trypanosomes, which cause trypanosomiasis or sleeping sickness in humans and animals. Furthermore, trypanosomiasis is a parasitic disease caused by protozoa of the species Trypanosoma brucei. Of which there are two types that infect humans, Trypanosoma brucei gambiense and Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense.
[ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]

Sometime this Year
Birth of Madame de Medici.
She is the daughter of Fo-Hi and Russian agent Sonia. Unknown to Russian intelligence, Sonia gives birth to a female child possessing the same yellow colored eyes as Fo-Hi.
[ Sirens of the Si-Fan by Rick Lai. ] [ The Brotherhood of the Lotus by Rick Lai. ]
Shan Ming Fu is selected by the Sublime Order to serve as advisor to the Governor-General of Tongking (Dongjing), a disputed territory in Annam. The Governor-General of Dongjing, Tang Jing Song, refuses to follow Shan Ming Fu's advice. Consequently, the Governor-General suffers a loss of support from the people of Dongjing, who possess strong cultural ties to China, and slowly fails to secure control over the province. Resultantly, ever increasing military force is required in Dongjing. Since the province is also claimed by France, a failure of diplomacy and this massive concentration of Chinese troops are primary causes of the Dongjing War.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]

Sometime this Year
Russian agent Sonia encounters, falls head-over-heels in love with, and marries Prince Omanoff of Russia.
[ Sirens of the Si-Fan by Rick Lai. ]
The Dongjing War begins.
Shan Ming Fu vacates his position as the advisor to the Governor-General of Dongjing. He is approached by the Nine with an offer to join them. He diplomatically declines the offer. Secretly, Shan Ming Fu prefers to avoid any organization that might seek to exercise control over him or whose agenda might conflict with his own.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]

Horatio Herbert Kitchener becomes a Freemason. He's initiated in Cairo at "La Concordia Lodge" number 1226. Three days later, Kitchener is promoted to captain. Shan Ming Fu's chemical research leads him to Egypt. He encounters Kitchener.

Sometime this Year
Shan Ming Fu locates the ancient records of the High Priests of Amun at Thebes. These records reveal lost secrets of the mummification process, which detail the use of palm wine with an infusion of crushed fragrant herbs and spices, including myrrh, cassia, and every other sort of spice, except frankincense, to preserve cadavers.

Later, testing and research at the laboratory in Jiangsu will reveal aromatic compounds found in spices, perfumes, fragrance oils, essential oils, and in wine as the byproduct of fermentation, form biochemical aldehydes. Further experimentation combining these base aldehydes with certain chemical compounds allows Shan Ming Fu to synthesize glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde. These chemicals are cellular fixatives, preservatives, and biocides.

Records of the High Priests also reveal a detailed process for synthesizing a catatonia inducing drug used to produce a sleep-like "living death". Originally, this drug was derived from a species of scorpion long since extinct in Egypt.
[ The Golden Scorpion ] [ Some Chronological Observations on the Fu Manchu Series by Rick Lai ] 
[ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]

Birth of Denis Nayland Smith.
He is the son of Sherlock Holmes' sister, Sigrina Holmes, and thus is the nephew of Holmes.
[ Tarzan Alive by Philip José Farmer. ]

Shan Ming Fu discovers the common black scorpion of India is a species directly related to the extinct Egyptian arachnid.
[ The Golden Scorpion ] [ Some Chronological Observations on the Fu Manchu Series by Rick Lai ] 
[ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]
While collecting specimens of the common black scorpion indigenous to Southern India, Shan Ming Fu meets with Fo-Hi. Shan Ming Fu requires the venom from these scorpions to synthesize a catatonia inducing drug.
[ The Golden Scorpion ] [ Some Chronological Observations on the Fu Manchu Series by Rick Lai. ]
[ The Legacy of Hanoi Shan by Rick Lai. ] [ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]

The Dongjing War ends.

Sometime this Year
Birth of Dr. Dexter Flinders Petrie.
He is the son of celebrated British Egyptologist Sir Flinders Petrie.
[ The Fu Manchu Chronology by Win Scott Eckert. ]

In Moscow, Princess Sonia Omanoff assassinates her husband, Prince Omanoff, because he'd committed certain indiscretions. A covert trial is conducted and Sonia is sentenced to death. However, in consideration of her past government service, the sentence is commuted to life imprisonment at the Siberian mines.

The Russian intelligence service seizes this opportunity to protect their asset and secure a lifetime of service from Sonia Omanoff. The Russian intelligence office intervenes and less than a month after her arrest, sufficiently equipped with financial resources by the Russian secret police, Sonia is dispatched to Paris. She's ordered to romance the visiting Maharajah of Silapore, Bubru Singh.

By the end of this Year
Maharajah Bubru Singh and Princess Sonia Omanoff are married before seven witnesses at the Russian Embassy in Paris. Subsequently, the couple travels to the Kingdom of Silapore.
[ Sirens of the Si-Fan by Rick Lai. ]
Shan Ming Fu is dispatched to terminate Muhammad Ahmad. The official story claims that he died of typhus.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]

Sometime this Year
Birth of Yasmini Singh.
She is the daughter Maharajah Bubru Singh and Maharani Sonia Omanoff-Singh.
[ Sirens of the Si-Fan by Rick Lai. ]
In Silapore, Maharajah Bubru Singh dies as a result of injuries received in an accident. The throne passes to Bubru's nephew, Gungadhura. The new Maharajah is a vicious type with a perverse penchant for torturing women. This could have made life difficult for Sonia and her daughter, Yasmini. However, in an attempt to win the female Russian spy to their cause, British authorities intervene and pressure Gungadhura. Consequently, Sonia and Yasmini are are allowed to reside in a secluded royal palace.
[ Sirens of the Si-Fan by Rick Lai ] [ Yasmini of India by Rick Lai. ]
The Sublime Order arranges for Shan Ming Fu to become the governor of Henan Province, replacing the governor who'd dismissed Shan Ming Fu from service twenty years ago.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]
Ryohei Uchida joins the Genyosha and quickly becomes the leading disciple of Toyama Mitsuru.
Fo-Hi is selected by the Sublime Order to establish a network of opium-houses located throughout the world, including Tokyo, Buenos Ayres, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Monte Carlo, Rome, London, and Petrograd.
[ The Golden Scorpion ] [ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]

Under the guise of Fu Manchu, Shan Ming Fu engages the services of Maitre Foli, a celebrated French lawyer, to assist Fo-Hi while establishing the opium-house near the Rue St. Claude in Paris. Foli continues to serve Fu Manchu for "over a period of forty years".
[ The Yellow Claw ] [ The Golden Scorpion ] [The Bride of Fu Manchu ] [ The Legacy of Hanoi Shan by Rick Lai. ]

Birth of Miska.
Miska is the daughter of Cairo’s chief magistrate, Wali Hassan of Aleppo, and a French stage actress who converts to Islam and enters Hassan's harem.
[ The Golden Scorpion ] [ Quest of the Sacred Slipper ]
Though deeply entrenched in the affairs of Henan, Shan Ming Fu recognizes the situation developing in Korea can be used to send a strong message to the West that China will no longer remain "the sick man of Asia". No longer will China concede to any demands.

The Genyosha, lead by Toyama Mitsuru and Ryochei Uchida, organize the Tenyukyo. The Tenyukyo is a secret society and paramilitary force. It operates in Korea prior to the arrival of Imperial Japanese forces. The Tenyukyo generates reconnaissance reports and detailed topographic maps of Chinese and Korean military installations and deployment.

Agents of the Empress Dowager assassinate a pro-Japanese Korean official. This prompts the peasant insurrection in Donghak. The Genyosha and Tenyukyo provide assistance to the rebels. This uprising is the only excuse Japan requires to send military forces.

The War of Jiawu begins.
War is declared between China and Japan, much too soon for Shan Ming Fu and the Sublime Order to have prepared adequately. The Genyosha and Tenyukyo provide interpreters, guides, and logistic support to the Imperial Japanese Army after the invasion.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]

The second half-coin of Jin Qua is presented to Lochlin Struan, fifth Tai-Pan of The Noble House, by Chinese revolutionary Chiang Wu Tah. He requests The Noble House give sanctuary to Sun Yat-Sen and assist him to overthrow the Manchu Dynasty. This eventually leads to the Xinhai Revolution in 1911.
[ Noble House by James Clavell. ]
The War of Jiawu ends.
Even after 30 years of Self Strengthening, China is soundly beaten on land and sea. China's forced to recognize the independence of Korea, cede Taiwan, the Penghu Islands, Liaodong Peninsula, and allow the Japanese to open manufactories in China.

Russia, Germany, and France "advise" Japan to disgorge Liaodong. Consequently, Japanese influence over Korea weakens. In retaliation, the Japanese Minister to Korea launches a coup in Seoul and murders the Korean Queen. The Korean King flees to Russia. Russian troops enter Korea and pro-Japanese ministers are executed. Russia dominates Korea to 1898.

China has fought to resist the foreign devils, but it lacks a modern military and suffers millions of casualties. Western powers, and Japan, force China's ruling Qing Dynasty to accept wide-spread foreign control over the country's economic affairs.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]
Early this Year
Princess Sonia Omanoff-Singh discovers her brother-in-law, Maharajah Gungadhura, is meeeting with Fo-Hi and Shan Ming Fu. Seizing an opportunity to gain valuable information that can be sold to either the Russians or the British, Sonia seeks to renew her acquaintance with Fo-Hi. In the hope of rekindling their romance, Sonia makes certain overtures to Fo-Hi. However, Fo-Hi is deeply in love with his paramour Lorelei Larsen, the daughter of Death Larsen.

Not one to be rejected, Sonia shifts her amorous attention to Shan Ming Fu. He soon discovers that she has no love for and little loyalty to Russia. Although she works for Russian Intelligence, this choice was made to avoid being sent to the Siberian mines.

Due to the fact that Russia is an enemy of Western Imperial expansion and Sonia has little affection for mother Russia, Shan Ming Fu believes she may prove to be a reliable and valuable asset. Because he does not find her objectionable, Shan Ming Fu accepts Sonia as his mistress and the two begin to exchange mutually beneficial information.

The agreement between China and Russia granting Russia permission to build the Chinese Eastern Railroad through Manchuria results from information exchanged by Shan Ming Fu and Russian agent Princess Sonia Omanoff-Singh.
[ Sirens of the Si-Fan by Rick Lai. ] [ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]
Birth of Fah Lo Suee.
She is the daughter of Shan Ming Fu and Russian agent Princess Sonia Omanoff-Singh.
[ Sirens of the Si-Fan by Rick Lai. ] [ Partners in Crime: Fu Manchu and Carl Peterson by Rick Lai. ]
May - August
Allan Quatermain, Dr. Henry Jekyll, Captain Nemo, Hawley "The Invisible Man" Griffin, and Mina Harker-Murray are pitted against the Devil Doctor who controls London's Limehouse. The Devil Doctor is clearly Shan Ming Fu. This conflict is part of a larger battle between Shan Ming Fu and Professor Moriarty for control of London's underworld.
[ The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Comics mini-series by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill. ]

The Hundred Days' Reform begins.
The Sublime Order successfully maneuvers the Empress Dowager into accepting retirement and allowing the Emperor Guangxu to rule in his own stead.

Progressive Chinese officials, with support from Protestant missionaries, persuade the Guangxu Emperor to institute wide-sweeping reforms. One of these reforms is to create a modern Chinese army under tight central command. This reform is met with bitter opposition, since the military is predominantly under control of a few provincial Governor-Generals. This alienates many conservative officials.

The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists (Chinese: 义 谐 拳 會, Pinyin: Yì Hé Quán Huì) is a secret society founded in the northern coastal province of Shandong, China. Membership largely consists of local farmers, peasants, and laborers who have lost their livelihoods. Due to the martial arts they practice, foreigners refer to these well-trained, athletic, young men as "Boxers".

Made desperate by disastrous floods, famine, widespread opium addiction, and foreign imperialist expansion, the "Boxers" lay blame for their poor standard of living on Christian missionaries, Chinese Christians, and those foreigners colonizing their country.

In Shandong, China has given too many territorial and commercial concessions to several European nations. As a result, the Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists attack the Christian community of Liyuantun village where a temple to the Jade Emperor had been converted into a Catholic church. This incident marks the first time Boxers employ the slogan "Fú Míng miè yáng" (Chinese: 扶 清 灭 洋, English: Support the Qing, Destroy the Foreigners). This incident sparks a campaign of regular attacks conducted on foreigners, missionaries, and Chinese Christians.

So begins the Boxer Movement. It's essentially a terrorist movement by the Chinese people to purify China by purging foreigners and foreign influence. It's an organic response to the long-train of increasingly distasteful attitudes and actions of the British and other foreign powers tword the Chinese people in particular and China in general.

Shan Ming Fu, as the governor of Henan Province, which borders on Shantung, can crush the movement in its early stages. However, he and the Sublime Order believe they can use this uprising an their anti-foreign credo to exile Westerners and remove their influence by restoring a sense of national unity and patriotism to the Chinese masses.

Opposition from conservative officials to The Hundred Days' Reform, forces the conservtive Empress Dowager to intervene. She seizes power from Emperor Guangxu, rescinds his reform edicts, and places him under house arrest. The failure of his reform movement disillusions many educated Chinese and thus further weakens Qing Government.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]
The Boxer Movement spreads to Henan.
Many newly formed secret societies are joining the Boxer Movement throughout China. One such society, calling themselves the Celestial Order of the Si-Fan (Chinese: 死 番, Pinyin: Sǐ Fān, English: foreign death), forms in Henan. These Si-Fan claim lineage from the White Lotus Society and are extremely anti-foreigner. They even oppose the current foreign Qing Government and seek to re-establish the Ming Dynasty.

As Governor-General, Shan Ming Fu leverages his official position to cultivate this anti-Westerner sentiment within Henan. Consequently, the Si-Fan rapidly gain popularity and support throughout the province.

While Shan Ming Fu openly opposes Western Imperial expansion, he secretly harbors far more grand ambitions. It's because of such ambition that Shan Ming Fu joins the ranks of these Si-Fan. Shan Ming Fu quickly secures his rightful position of leadership as Dragon Head of the organization. The Sublime Order and the Council of Seven are quite pleased with this unexpected turn of events.
[ The Precursors of Dr. Fu Manchu by Dr. Lawrence Knapp. ] [ Triad of Secret Societies by Dixon Kinqade. ]
The Boxer Movement spreads as far south as Hong Kong and as far north as the Beijing. In Beijing, the Boxers kill Chinese Christians and Christian missionaries. They destroy churches, railroad stations, and other property.

Like a cat with nine lives, the Empress Dowager manages to turn this circuitous attack on her position to her personal advantage. However, this rebellion and the Empress tacit support of it will be to the great detriment of China as a whole.

The Empress Dowager summons the imperial court for a mass audience and addresses the choice between using the Boxers to evict the foreigners from China or seeking a diplomatic solution. In response to a high official who doubted the efficacy of the Boxers, he Empress Dowager replies:

"Perhaps the Boxers are not to be relied upon, but can we not rely on the hearts and minds of the people? Today, China is extremely weak. We have only the people's hearts and minds to depend upon. If we cast them aside and lose the people's hearts, what can we use to sustain the country?"

Both sides of the debate at the imperial court realize that popular support for the Boxers in the countryside is almost universal and that suppression would be both difficult and unpopular, especially since foreign troops are on the march.

Two factions are active during this debate. On one side are anti-foreigners, who viewed foreigners as invasive and imperialistic invaders that evoke native patriotism. They advocate taking advantage of the Boxers to achieve the expulsion of foreign troops and foreign influences. On the other hand, pro-foreigners advocate rapprochement with foreign governments. They perceive Boxers as superstitious and ignorant.

The event that tilts the Qing imperial government irrevocably toward support of the Boxers and war with the foreign powers is the attack by foreign navies on the Dagu Forts near Tianjin. The Boxers seize Beijing's foreign legation district. This is where the official quarters of foreign diplomats are located. The following day, Empress Dowager declares war on all foreign nations with diplomatic ties in China.

As the Western powers and Japan organize a multinational force to crush the rebellion, the siege stretches into weeks. The diplomats, their families, and guards suffer through hunger and degrading conditions as they struggle to keep the Boxers at bay. By some estimates, several hundred foreigners and several thousand Chinese Christians are killed during this time.

As it becomes clear the Chinese are fighting to expel foreigners, many assume China will become aggressive expansionists and seek to invade or otherwise gain control of the West, just as the West had done to China.

The arrangement, between Shan Ming Fu and Russian agent Sonia Omanoff-Singh of passing information, changes when Russia begins to withdraw from Korea. This gives Japan more influence in Korea. At the same time, Russia begins to dominate the Manchuria.

At the height of the Boxer Rebellion, Russian troops enter Manchuria. Chinese troops and Boxers repel the Russian troops. This causes a brutal response from Russia. Russia seizes Manchuria.

Sonia fails to inform Shan Ming Fu of the impending attack by Russian troops. He views this as betrayal of their agreement. Shan Ming Fu suspects that Sonia has supplied the Russian troops with military intelligence that allowed them to defeat Chinese troops.

Princess Sonia Omanoff-Singh is poisoned, by Shan Ming Fu, and dies. However, her death is attributed to Maharajah Gungadhura. Shan Ming Fu takes possession of his daughter, Fah Lo Suee.

After battling through northern China, an international force of approximately 20,000 troops from eight nations (Austria-Hungary, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) arrive to take Beijing, rescuing the foreigners and Chinese Christians.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ] [Sirens of the Si-Fan by Rick Lai. ]
[ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]
Sometime this Year
Toyama Mitsuru and Ryochei Uchida form the Kokuryūkai (Shinjitai: 黒竜会, English: Black Dragon Society), an ultranationalist group. The Black Dragon Society advocates Japanese Imperial expansion in Manchuria and Korea. They also advocate a strong foreign policy toward Russia.

The Boxer Rebellion formally ends with the signing of the Boxer Protocols. By terms of the agreement, forts protecting Beijing are to be destroyed, Boxer and Chinese government officials involved in the uprising are to be punished, foreign legations are permitted to station troops in Beijing for their defense, China is prohibited from importing arms for two years, civil service examinations are suspended, and China is forced to pay an indemnity of more than $330 million in reparations to the foreign nations involved for the losses they suffered. To maintain her personal power the Empress Dowager has, in effect, truly subjugated China to the Western Powers.

At the close of the Boxer rebellion and after the Boxer Protocols had been enacted, Shan Ming Fu is designated as one of the Mandarins to be executed for their part in the Boxer Rebellion. Vacating his post as Governor-General of Henan to avoid being arrested by Imperial forces, Shan Ming Fu barely escapes with his life.

Shan Ming Fu leaves his identity far behind and permanently adopts the primary nom de guerre by which he becomes notorious - Dr. Fu Manchu!
[ Chinese: 夫 满洲, Pinyin: Fū Mǎnzhōu, English: man from Manchuria or Manchurian man. ]

Fu Manchu discovers that his twin brother, Shan Lan Fu, was murdered at his home in Beijing. Sources in the Sublime Order do not believe that Shan Lan Fu was killed by Imperial Loyalists in retaliation for Shan Ming Fu's part in the Boxer Rebellion. The murder weapon is identified as a Burmese Dha Hmyaung or "Prayer Knife". The assassins are identified as Dacoits, a murderous cult of thieves from Burma. They'd covertly entered Beijing and departed again without being seen or apprehended. It's suspected that Shan Lan Fu's death is linked to his work in Burma.
[ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ] [ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]
Seeking out those Dacoit assassins resposible for Shan Lan Fu's death, Fu Manchu travels to the Chilapata Forest in Burma and encounters the Cult of Weikza. Weikza-lam practitioners seek physical perfection. They apply alchemical science to their bodies, rendering them highly resistant to injury and decay.

Weikza-lam practitioners are lead by a priestly caste called Weikza-do, "Possessor of Esoteric Knowledge". Weikza-do claim to be immortal and that such immortality is achieved through alchemy, meditation, and serving as protectors of Buddha's religion. However, Fu Manchu is certain there's a chemical basis for this longevity. Fu Manchu discovers a rare species of orchid is used in Weikza-do alchemy. This orchid yields an ingredient that Fu Manchu will eventually use to synthesize his immortality elixir.

Sometime this Year
In Burma, Shan Lan Fu was known as Dr. Fo-Lan. Having located those Dacoit assassins responsible for Shan Lan Fu's death, Fu Manchu is mistakenly identified by these Dacoits as his twin brother, Dr. Fo-Lan, returned to life. Consequently, Fu Manchu is worshiped by these Dacoit as a powerful Weikza-do.

Fu Manchu demands the lives of those who dared to strike him down. This boon is granted. Vengeance on his brother's murderers being achieved, Fu Manchu focuses his attention on a greater purpose, assimilating these Burmese assassins into the ranks of his Si-Fan.
[ The Mask of Fu Manchu ] [ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]
Smith's first posting is in Egypt.
[ The Fires of Fu Manchu ]

Traveling to India, Fu Manchu's efforts are directed toward assimilating Thuggee and Phansigar assassins into the ranks of his Si-Fan.
[ The Secret History of Fu Manchu by Dixon Kinqade. ]

The Black Dragon Society advocates strong Japanese control over Manchuria. They join forces with the Tairo Doshikai, a political group advocating war against Russia.
Russo-Japanese War begins.

Sometime this Year
Fu Manchu perfects his narcosynthetic catatonia-inducing drug F. Katalepsis. It proves to be a valuable tool. The Sublime Order engages Fu Manchu as the chief chemist for the organization.
[ The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu. The precise date is not given. However, this must occur before 1908. It's reasonable that Fu Manchu's work on this project would conclude before beginning work, in earnest, on Elixir Vitae. ]

Fu Manchu begins long years of research to perfect a life-extension elixir.
Fu Manchu researches biochemical properties of plants and animals. Such studies provide Fu Manchu an encyclopedic knowledge concerning the pharmacology of various compounds that can be created from plants and animals.
[ The Mask of Fu Manchu ] [ The Devil Doctor: The Early History of Fu Manchu by Dennis E. Power. ]
Sometime this Year
When Fah Lo Suee is a young child, Fu Manchu shows her the moon and states, "Someday I shall have the power to move one world, my daughter... and thus rule another!"
[ MOKF #48. This story is told in flashback. It's said to have happened "More than fifty years ago, when I was but a child..." This date is speculation based on Fah Lo Suee's apparent age in the flashback. 1975 - 50 = 1925 ]

Russo-Japanese War Ends.
The Black Dragon Society advocates the annexation of Korea.
The Black Dragon Society dispatches assassins to rape and murder Fo-Hi's wife, Lorelei Larsen. Seeking vengeance, Fo-Hi requests Fu Manchu's assistance. Fu Manchu views this as an opportunity to establish dominance over the Black Dragon Society, to possibly assimilate some of its members into the Si-Fan, to punish the organization for its support of Japan's Imperial aggression toward China, and to exact revenge for the death of Fo-Hi's wife.

Fu Manchu dispatches Si-Fan assassins to exterminate those members of the Black Dragon Society responsible for Lorelei Larsen's death. In the process, these Si-Fan assassins steal a Katana from a founding member of the Black Dragon Society. This blade will play an in interesting role in the events of 1913.
[ The Return of Fu Manchu ] [ Sirens of the Si-Fan by Rick Lai. ]
Smith is the Police Commissioner of Rangoon, Burma.
[ The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu. ]

Fo-Hi acquires Miska from Arabian slave traders.
At age fifteen, Miska is abducted en route to visit her uncle, Sheikh Ismail leader of the Hashishans, in Damascus. Her mother is murdered by Arab slavers who take Miska and her cousin to Mecca. The very next day, Miska is sold into slavery. Miska is purchased by Mandarin Fo-Hi, the Scorpion. Miska is taken to Cairo and will not see Fo-Hi again for four years.
[ The Golden Scorpion ] [ Quest of the Sacred Slipper]
Fu Manchu is behind the "Call of Siva" murders in Burma. These murders begin at a hotel in Rangoon and then spread throughout Burma. The killings are committed by members of the Thuggee Cult of Kali.
[ The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu. The year is explicitly stated. ]

Fu Manchu abducts Von Homber, a celebrated German engineer from Berlin, using his narcosynthetic catatonia-inducing drug F. Katalepsis.
[ The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu ]
Events detailed in "The Yellow Claw" unfold.
An elusive Chinese mastermind, Mr. King, murders a socialite. He holds some mysterious sway over many of London's elite. Gaston Max investigates the secret of his power. This leads to a battle with an international crime syndicate operated by the Sublime Order and directed by Fo-Hi.
[ This story was inspired by actual events of 1910. ]

Japan annexes Korea.
Early this Year
Fu Manchu meets with Fo-Hi in Cairo. Fu Manchu tells Fo-Hi, "You have chosen well." Fo-Hi and Miska begin a life of adventures. They travel to New York, London, Paris, Petrograd, Monte Carlo, Buenos Ayres, Tokyo, and all over the world. Miska dances in a Paris theatre, sells flowers in Rome, and fills opium pipes in a den at San Francisco.
[ The Golden Scorpion ]

Summer - Autumn
Events detailed in "The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu" unfold.
While in Burma, Smith is nearly killed by one of Fu Manchu's agents. He begins an investigation of Fu Manchu. He discovers the threat Fu Manchu poses to the world at large and England in particular.

Fu Manchu's business takes him to London. He sends agents to assassinate his enemies with the "Zayat kiss," a giant poisonous centipede. Smith enlists his friend, Dr. Petrie, to aid him. Together, they find an ally in Kâramanéh, who spares Smith and Petrie's lives.

Fu Manchu attempts to eliminate of Sir Lionel Barton and Reverend J.D. Eltham. In an altercation with Inspector John Weymouth, Fu Manchu injects him with a toxin that causes insanity.

Fu Manchu disguises himself as Professor Jenner Monde. He is discovered and detained by Smith. Smith and company arrange to have Fu supply an antidote to Weymouth while under police guard.

Fu Manchu restores Weymouth, then sets a fire to make an escape. The police find no trace of Fu Manchu. However, he's left a letter for Smith and Petrie, explaining that he'd been summoned back to China.
[ SME #15. The year is explicitly stated. ] [ MOKF #18. The year is explicitly stated. ]

The Xinhai Revolution begins.
Gordon Chen, second comprador of The Noble House and Fu Manchu's uncle, helps finance the Xinhai Revolution, led by Dr. Sun Yat Sen to establish the Republic of China.
[ Noble House by James Clavell. ]

The Black Dragon Society supports Chinese republican revolutionaries against the Qing Dynasty. Toyama Mitsuru travels to China. He personally directs activities of the Black Dragon Society, providing considerable support and assistance to Sun Yat-Sen.
The Xinhai Revolution ends.
The Qing Dynasty ends. China becomes a republic. Toyama Mitsuru officially retires and refuses to play an active role in the Black Dragon Society. He remains an influential behind-the-scenes figure in Japanese politics for many years.

Events detailed in "Quest of the Sacred Slipper" unfold.
A sacred relic, the slipper of the prophet Mohammed, is stolen from Wali Hassan of Aleppo, the hereditary leader of the Hashishin in Syria. Trailing the thief to England, Hassan orders several murders before successfully recovering the relic.
Sometime this Year
Events detailed in "Hell Cat of Hong Kong" unfold.
Ho Yen's half-coin of Jin Qua is stolen by The White Tigress and her gang. Fu Manchu is contacted by his aunt, Tess "The Hag" Struan of The Noble House. She desires to employ the services of a Burmese Dacoit in order to eliminate the White Tigress. This attempt is unsuccessful.

John Gorman arrives as a merchant seaman in Hong Kong. A dispute with his ship's captain renders Gorman unemployed. He's soon recruited by the White Tigress, who makes Gorman both her chief lieutenant and her lover.

The Tigress and Gorman purloin a valuable report on Manchuria's mineral wealth. The Tigress intends to sell this report to the Japanese. A lover's quarrel causes Gorman to leave the Tigress' service.

Gorman is contacted by Tess "The Hag" Struan, matriarch of Struan & Company, the most powerful trading company in Hong Kong. Tess convinces Gorman the Tigress' plan to sell the Manchurian report to the Japanese will lead to war in the Far East. Gorman provides information which allows Tess to capture both the Tigress and the report.

Tess intends to give the Tigress to Ho Yen for punishment. However, Gorman still harbors affection for his former lover. Gorman obtains the half-coin of Jin Qua gives it to Tess in exchange for the Tigress' freedom.
[ Hell Cat of Hong Kong by Marc A. Cerasini & Charles Hoffman ] [ The Saga of John Gorman by Rick Lai. ]

Summer - October
Events detailed in "The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu" unfold.
Fu Manchu uses hypnosis to force Kâramanéh back into his service and continues to direct the murders of his enemies, using exotic means such as a cat with poisoned claws and a "Moses rod". Smith and Petrie again oppose Fu Manchu. Petrie attempts to break Kâramanéh's conditioning.

For his services to China — the New China, the China of the future — Fu Manchu is admitted by the Sublime Prince to the Sacred Order of the White Peacock. It is a highly prestigious secret society to which only a select few are granted admittance. However, Fu Manchu has lost a white peacock, which he intended as gift to the Sublime Prince. Petrie locates the precious bird and returns it to the devil doctor.

Later, Smith and Petrie are captured. Fu Manchu places Smith within the "Six Gates of Joyful Wisdom", a tourture device which exposes parts of Smith's anatomy to hordes of starved rats. Petrie is given a certain Katana in order to relieve Smith's suffering. However, Kâramanéh bursts in and shoots Fu Manchu in the head.

Mid November - Early January
Events detailed in "The Hand of Fu Manchu" (Chapter 1 - Chapter 30, paragraph 1) unfold.
Fu Manchu survives! His agents recruit Petrie and Sir Baldwin Frazer to perform an operation and remove the bullet. Fu Manchu discovers that his death has been ordered by the "Sublime Prince" of the "Sublime Order of the White Peacock". Fu Manchu's rival, Ki-Ming, hypnotizes Petrie and order him to kill Smith. However, Smith unloads Petrie's gun and manages to break the spell.
Late January - April
Events detailed in "Ten Years Beyond Baker Street" unfold.
When Nayland Smith is abducted by the Si-Fan, Holmes comes out of retirement to aid Dr. Petrie. Dr. John Watson makes a brief appearance.
[ Ten Years Beyond Baker Street by Cay Van Ash. ]

April - Late Spring
Events detailed in "The Hand of Fu Manchu" (Chapter 30, paragraph 1 - Chapter 40) unfold.
Covertly, Petrie witnesses a meeting of the Si-Fan. As the unnamed Lady of the Si-Fan, Fah Lo Suee is given leadership of the organization. Petrie is presented with an opportunity to capture Fu Manchu, but allows him to go free when Fu Manchu returns Kâramanéh to Petrie. While fleeing England in his yacht, Fu Manchu's ship is wrecked and he's believed lost at sea.
[ Under the leadership of Fah Lo Suee, the Si-Fan continues to fall into disarray. ]

As president of the Council of Seven, the Holy Lama Thugben Sung, abbot of Rachë Churân, is able to mitigate the sentence of death passed upon Fu Manchu by the Sublime Prince.

Marriage of Petrie and Kâramanèh.
[ The Fu Manchu Chronology by Win Scott Eckert. ]

Late Spring- Early Summer
Events detailed in "The Mark of the Monkey" unfold.
Smith and Petrie are on holiday in Dartmoor. Smith is troubled to find he recognizes their neighbor's secretary. John Randolph Pine is employed by the celebrated botanist, Henry Marsburg. Smith insists on paying a visit to Marsburg and his daughter, Isola, at their neighboring estate.

The following day, while exploring the moors, they come across Isola Marsburg, who informs them her dog is missing. Smith and Petrie locate the dog's corpse in a nearby cave. Petrie confirms the dog was poisoned. Smith recognizes the mysterious purple marks on the dog’s throat as the Hanuman Death, or the Mark of the Monkey, an inexplicable plague he encountered while stationed in Burma.

While puzzling the mystery, Isola Marsburg bursts into the room, frantic over her father, before collapsing. Smith and Petrie rush to the moors to the site of an ancient Roman mine. They discover Henry Marsburg has died a victim of the Hanuman Death. Smith and Petrie notice a peculiar fungus growing in the entrance to the mine shaft.

Returning to Marsburg's estate, Smith confronts Pine. Pine is revealed to be Dr. Gwalia, a man Smith knew in Burma, who murdered his wife and fled the country before Smith could prove any wrongdoing. Pine insists that Smith is mistaken.

Isola rushes in and reveals that she and Pine are married, but were forced to keep their marriage a secret to placate her disapproving father. Dr. Gwalia confesses he killed his father-in-law with the same poison fungus he used to kill his first wife. Faced with the consequences of his actions, he exposes himself to the poison fungus and dies horribly at Smith and Petrie's feet.

Before July 28
The Si-Fan abducts Grand Duke Ivan of Russia before the start of World War I.
[ The Golden Scorpion ]

The Si-Fan abducts Dr. Henrick "Sven" Ericksen.
[ The Golden Scorpion ] [ The Drums of Fu Manchu ]

Events detailed in "The Terror of Fu Manchu" unfold.
The death of a seemingly respectable missionary draws Smith and Petrie into the web of the diabolical Dr. Fu Manchu. They cross paths with the Si-Fan, a rival theosophist society, and the famous French detective, Gaston Max.
Events detailed in "The Golden Scorpion" unfold.
Fu Manchu meets with his ally Fo-Hi. Like Fu Manchu, Fo-Hi is a member of the Sublime Order of the White Peacock. Fo-Hi's slave girl, Miska, reveals interesting information about Fu Manchu and the Sublime Order. Fo-Hi's organization in England is forced to evacuate as the forces of the British Secret Service, Scotland Yard, and the Surete converge upon it. The delicate machinations of Fo-Hi and Fu Manchu are uncovered and Fo-Hi is forced to destroy most of their work rather than let it fall into the hands of the Western Powers. Fo-Hi sacrifices himself lest he be made to talk.

Sometime this Year
Birth of Fleurette.
She is the daughter of Dr. Petrie and Kâramanèh. Shortly thereafter, she is presumed dead. In fact, Fu Manchu fakes baby Fleurette's death and raises her in his own household.
[ The Bride of Fu Manchu ]

Gordon Chen, second comprador of The Noble House and Fu Manchu's uncle, is knighted and granted title of Sir Gordon Chen.
[ Noble House by James Clavell. ]
Sometime this Year
Fu Manchu's aunt, Tess "The Hag" Struan, dies.
[ Noble House by James Clavell. ]

September - November
Events detailed in "The Fires of Fu Manchu" unfold.
Smith is attached to British Army Intelligence with the rank of Colonel. Fu Manchu's activities cause to Scotland Yard to crackdown on his operations in the Middle East. Fu Manchu sequestered in the Forbidden City. Smith is granted knighthood.
[ The Fires of Fu Manchu by Cay Van Ash. ]
Birth of "Black" Jack Tarr.
[ MOKF #70. This date is speculation, based on Tarr's apparent age and the fact that he served in World War II. ]

Events detailed in "The Blue Monkey" unfold.
Sir Jeffrey returns from Sotheby's auction house bearing the latest acquisition for his collection of curios, a blue porcelain ape of Burmese origin. As he passes by Black Gap, the opening to an ancient Roman mine, Sir Jeffrey is murdered. Petrie examines the dead man and concludes Sir Jeffrey was struck violently on the head, but died of strangulation. The only tracks are curiously those of a small child. They move away from the body rather than follow the Sir Jeffrey's path. Oddly enough, there is no sign of Sir Jeffrey's prized porcelain monkey.
[ The Blue Monkey. The Haunting of Low Fennel by Sax Rohmer. ]
Smith returns to England from Burma and is posted to Scotland Yard.
[ The Daughter of Fu Manchu ]

Mid September
Events detailed in "The Adventure of the Seven Sisters" unfold.
Fu Manchu's agents discover some English women, at a brothel in Marrakesh, have been lured from the English countryside with promises of rich husbands only to be sold into white slavery. Fu Manchu locates their abductors, a group of English importers, and blackmails them. Once the funds had been paid, he has the abductors killed.

SolarPons is a modern private investigator who models himself after his great uncle, Sherlock Holmes. Norris Ruthel engages Pons, because his brother Lionel has been found strangled. Pons determines that like two other murdered men, Lionel was being blackmailed over a matter involving two women. Pons investigates and discovers an oriental assassin is working for Dr. Fu Manchu and the Si-Fan. Pons and Parker infiltrate his headquarters, find several Caucasian women, and are captured by the Devil Doctor.

Fu Manchu reveals that Lionel Ruthel and the two others were running a white slavery ring. Half of the funds, collected from the abductors by Fu Manchu, are given to the abducted women to rebuild their lives. Fu Manchu releases the women. He frees Pons and Parker. Norris Ruthel does not press the matter and Manchu escapes undetected.
[ The Adventure of the Seven Sisters. The Chronicles of Solar Pons by August Derleth. ]
Events detailed in "The Adventure of the Praed Street Irregulars" unfold.
When a car runs down his guardians, a Balkan crown prince escapes death and is hidden by the Irregulars. Israel Sarpedon abducts him for ransom. Pons locates the boy, and with help from Dr. Fu Manchu, he rescues the boy.
[ The Adventure of the Praed Street Irregulars. The Reminiscences of Solar Pons by August Derleth. ]
Summer - Fall
Events detailed in "The Daughter of Fu Manchu" unfold.
Smith is now an Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard. Fah Lo Suee assumes leadership of the Si-Fan and all of her father's agents. She clashes with Smith, Petrie and Shan Greville. Fu Manchu intervenes, preventing Fah Lo Suee from killing Smith and Greville. Fu Manchu resumes leadership of the Si-Fan.

After Fall
Events detailed in "The Turkish Yataghan" unfold.
Smith and Shan Greville are in Limehouse. A drunken sailor tries selling them a Turkish Yataghan. Smith has no use for the blade and sends the man on his way.

Visiting a club, The Blue Lamp, they bump into Inspector Yale of Scotland Yard. The Inspector has just come from the home of a curio dealer called Peter Anderman. Anderman was found murdered with a Turkish Yataghan at his side. The trio quickly leave for the Anderman's house.

They discover Anderman was a hashish user and notorious womanizer, with framed pornographic photographs on the walls of his study. Scotland Yard picks up the drunken sailor from Smith's description. The angry sailor claims he met Anderman just after he approached Smith and Greville. He details an unpleasant transaction with the curio dealer and how the man gypped him. The sailor claims he never entered Anderman's home and the entire transaction occurred outside. Smith releases the sailor as his story matches that given by Anderman’s secretary, Michael.

Smith, Greville, and Yale return to The Blue Lamp afterhours. They confront Jo Chang, the proprietor, who eventually admits that his wife was cuckolding him with Anderman and that Anderman was supplying her with hashish. Humiliated by his adulterous wife, he killed Anderman in a crime of passion and planned to murder his wife as well. Faced with the consequences of his actions, Jo Chang produces a needle-thin blade from inside his coat and kills himself before the startled eyes of Smith, Greville, and Yale.
After twenty-five years of research, Fu Manchu perfects his Elixir Vitae.
[ The Mask of Fu Manchu ]

Mid Year
Smith resigns from Scotland Yard and goes on special assignment. Although not explicitly stated, most likely he is now attached to the British Secret Service.
[ The Mask of Fu Manchu ]

Sometime this Year
Birth of Val Petrie.
He is the son of Dr. Petrie and Kâramanèh.
[ Horror Wears Blue by Lin Carter. ]
Events detailed in "The Mask of Fu Manchu" unfold.
Fu Manchu and Fah Lo Suee seek to obtain the holy relics of El Mokanna in order to start a holy war. Clashing with Smith, Petrie, Greville, and Sir Lionel Barton, Fah Lo Suee succeeds in stealing the relics by hypnotizing Greville.
Fah Lo Suee declares her love for Nayland Smith and agrees to assist him in defeating Fu Manchu's latest scheme, which involves programming his Si-Fan warriors with the murderous abilities of Jack the Ripper. Smith, Petrie, and Lyman Leeks thwart the project, but Fu Manchu escapes again, taking Fah Lo Suee with him.
[ MOKF #100. The precise date given is May 23, 1932. ]

Events detailed in "The Bride of Fu Manchu" unfold.
From St. Claire de la Roche, Fu Manchu prepares Dr. Petrie's daughter, Fleurette, to become his bride. Fah Lo Suee is against the arrangement. When Petrie is seemingly killed by the "Black Stigmata", his friend, Alan Sterling, is snared in Fu Manchu's plot and manages to avoid being drugged into service by Fah Lo Suee.

When Fu Manchu discovers that his daughter has betrayed him, he orders that she be punished. Fu Manchu is pursued by Nayland Smith, captured by French authorities, and declares himself above the law. Fu Manchu's Attorney, Maître Foli, visits. They trade clothes and Fu Manchu escapes.
Events detailed in "The Trail of Fu Manchu" unfold.
Intent on having Fleurette as his bride, Fu Manchu abducts and smuggles her to England. In the guise of an Italian sculptor, Professor Pietro Ambrose, Fu Manchu keeps Fleurette in slumber as a "statue". Traveling through England in the guise of Marquis Chang Hu, he meets with men of influence.

Again, Fah Lo Suee declares her love for Nayland Smith and betrays Fu Manchu. Fu Manchu orders her death. Requiring another injection of the Elixir Vitae but unable to supply it, Fu Manchu offers to release Fleurette and leave Petrie's family in peace, if Petrie will concoct the elixir and supply him with it. Petrie agrees and Fu releases his mental hold on Fleurette.
[ These events occur two months after "The Bride of Fu Manchu". References to 1934 are viewed as erroneous. ]

Early in the Year
Smith, Petrie, and Lyman Leeks foil Fu Manchu's plot to abduct leaders of the League of Nations and brainwash them into doing his bidding. In Singapore, Kâramanèh is held hostage by Fu Manchu's Si-Fan, but she is rescued by Petrie. In gratitude, Kâramanèh presents Petrie with the "Rainbow Bird".
[ MOKF #81. This story is told in flashback. The year is explicitly stated. ]

Events detailed in "The Adventure of the Camberwell Beauty" unfold.
Fu Manchu's ward, Karah, is missing. Likely, She has been abducted by Baron Corvus. Fu Manchu engages Pons to locate Karah. Tracks led to Corvus' estate. Pons discovers that it's a fake trail. He locates Karah on a canal boat, waiting for her lover, Peters. It's revealed their relationship is disapproved of by Fu Manchu. Pons gives the couple a headstart to America, then informs the Fu Manchu.
[ The Adventure of the Camberwell Beauty. The Return of Solar Pons by August Derleth. ]
Events detailed in "The Triumph of Fu Manchu" unfold.
[ Announced: The Triumph of Fu Manchu by William Patrick Maynard. These events are reported to occur between the events of The Trail of Fu Manchu and President Fu Manchu. ]
Sometime this Year
Ducharme and her lover, Pan Chen, attempt to flee the shadow of Fu Manchu's wrath. Fu captures them and executes Chen. Resultantly, Ducharme seemingly becomes a double agent for MI-6. However, it's later revealed that she's a triple agent and remains loyal to Fu Manchu.
[ MOKF #44. This story is told in flashback. It's said to have happened "... forty years in the past..." 1975 - 40 = 1935 ]

Events detailed in "The Adventure of the Defeated Doctor" unfold.
Sculptor Romaine Schneider is found dead in his studio, brutally bludgeoned from behind with his own mallets. Inspector Jamison and his colleague, Inspector Buckfast, are at a loss. The former consults Solar Pons at Praed Street. Pons finds a preponderance of large, powerfully built men populating the case.
[ The Adventure of the Defeated Doctor. The Further Adventures of Solar Pons by Basil Copper. This date is conjecture. ]

Events detailed in "President Fu Manchu" unfold.
Fu Manchu institutes major operations on US soil. By funding the League of Good Americans, he attempts to control the presidential election. Clashing with Smith, his sponsorship of the League's leader, Paul Salvaletti, is revealed to the public by Abbot Patrick Donegal. Fleeing to Canada in a boat, Fu's supposedly loyal servant, Albert Morgenstahl, betrays him and the boat plunges over Niagra Falls.
Events detailed in "The Drums of Fu Manchu" unfold.
Fu Manchu attempts to prevent World War II by assigning agent of the Si-Fan to assassinate the fifteen men who could set it in motion. When Nayland Smith becomes involved in the conflict, he's added to the list of targets, but is ultimately released. Fu Manchu uses the aliases of Count Boratov and Dr. Maurice Atkin to walk among his intended victims. Fah Lo Suee, thought dead since 1933, reappears. However, her memory has been completely wiped by her father and she now has a new identity as "Koreâni".
Unrecorded events following "The Drums of Fu Manchu" unfold.
Fah Lo Suee regains her memory and departs for Haiti. Fu Manchu regains his position as leader of the Si-Fan from a pro-Fascist usurper and decides to prevent World War II by assassinating Hitler and Mussolini at the Munich Conference in September 1938. Nayland Smith foils Fu Manchu's scheme. These events were suppressed by the British Foreign Office, the same agency responsible for that obviously false assassination of Hitler (Rudolph Adlon), in "The Drums of Fu Manchu".
Events detailed in "The Destiny of Fu Manchu" unfold.
Michael Knox is the brash and arrogant assistant of renowned archaeologist Dr. Spiridon Simos. A chance encounter with a beautiful Egyptian woman at Dr. Simos' wedding in Corfu leads the young man on a whirlwind journey to Cairo where he barely survives the terrifying reincarnation of the ancient Pharaoh Khunum-Khufu.

A chain of events quickly unfold that embroils Knox with obsessive British agent, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, and his pursuit of the master criminal, Dr. Fu Manchu. Slowly, the young man begins to piece together the threat posed to the world as Fu Manchu and his seductive, but sadistic daughter Koreani tear the dread secret society, the Si-Fan, apart.

Before Michael Knox can act on the intelligence in his possession, he must first survive death in a myriad of strange guises from a savage gorilla trained to crush a man's spine to the unrelenting pursuit of Margarita, the disarming dwarf assassin who brings terror to the Orient Express, to one thousand poisonous butterflies unleashed at the Munich Conference as Europe teeters on the brink of a Second World War.
Early this Year
Events detailed in "The Island of Fu Manchu" unfold.
Claiming to be "Damballa" and employing a resurrected Fah Lo Suee as "Queen Mamaloi", Fu Manchu recruits followers in Haiti, and establishes an elaborate Si-Fan headquarters at Christophe's Citadel. He clashes with Smith and Bart Kerrigan. Although Fah Lo Suee has regained her memory, Kerrigan still refers to her as Koreâni. Fu Manchu offers Kerrigan a position within the Si-Fan. However, the Citadel base is destroyed when Fu Manchu's Ericksen ray attracts a bolt of lightning.
As part of an arranged marriage, Fu Manchu takes Mara Ling to be his wife. However, she loves a blind archer named Li and refuses to consummate the marriage. Fu Manchu offers to release her, if she will spend one night with him. Ling refuses. Fu Manchu tempts her with Elixir Vitae. She can not resist that temptation. After relasing Ling, Fu Manchu sends a Si-Fan assassin to kill her lover. Li and Ling flee. The chase continues four decades.
[ MOKF #114. This story is told in flashback. It's said to have happened "... forty years ago,,,". 1981 - 40 = 1941 ]
Sometime this Year
Tarr enters the British Foreign Service in Hong Kong, where he meets Anna and frequently works with Smith.
[ MOKF #70. This date is speculation based on the date WWII ended and the date Anna leaves Tarr. ]

In London, James Bond has a brief liaison with Violet Holmes, wife of fellow agent Charles Reston.
[ The James Bond Chronology by Win Scott Eckert. ]
Birth of Clive Reston.
The result of a brief liaison between James Bond and Violet Holmes, wife of fellow agent Charles Reston. As the illegitimate son of James Bond, Reston is the grandson of Mycroft Holmes and thus the great-nephew of Sherlock Holmes.
[ The James Bond Chronology by Win Scott Eckert. ]

Sometime this Year
Events detailed in "The Shadow of Fu Manchu" unfold.
The Si-Fan, FBI, and KGB each seek the transmuter, a disintegration ray, and Fu Manchu monitors its inventor by assuming the guise of Professor Carl Hoffmeyer, physician to the wife of the project's financier. Fu Manchu clashes with Smith, but avoids capture.
Tarr loses the love of his life. Anna leaves Tarr when she decides that he is more devoted to duty and Smith than to her.
[ MOKF #70 – 1978: Tarr states, "I'm supposed to meet her in the city tomorrow – for the first time in thirty years." 1978 - 30 = 1948 ]
Birth of Leiko Wu.
She is the daughter of unnamed parents. Leiko's father is, in her words, "...a Hong Kong Cultural Attaché - and sometime spy for the crown - stationed in London.” She has an older brother, David, who follows their father into diplomatic service. However, he refuses to participate in espionage.
[ This date is speculation, based on Leiko's apparent age. However, details suggest that she is older than Shang Chi but younger than Clive Reston. ]
Events detailed in "The Wrath of Fu Manchu" unfold.
Fu Manchu schemes to use a "Runsen Beam" that would transform the US gold reserves into lead. Covertly, Smith infiltraes a meeting of the Council of Seven, led by Fah Lo Suee, and arrests nearly all of the council. Fu Manchu abandons Fah Lo Suee.
Birth of Shang Chi.
He is the son of Dr. Fu Manchu and an unnamed American woman scientifically chosen to bear him. His name roughly translates as "the rising and advancing of a spirit". It seems appropriate that his birth year is also the year of the dragon on the Chinese calendar. It's likely Fu Manchu specifically selected this auspicious year for his son's birth.
[ SME #15 - 1971. Fu Manchu explicitly states Shang Chi is nineteen years of age. 1971 - 19 = 1952 ] [ MOKF GS #1. The first adventure recorded in this issue occurs on the anniversary of Shang Chi's birth. According to the 3MAC Theory, the month has been determined as June. ]

Unknown to Shang Chi, he has an identical twin brother named Moving Shadow. Because of Shang Chi's defection in 1971, Fu Manchu shall work particularly hard at training Moving Shadow to be ruthless and loyal.
[ MOKF #116. Shang Chi's brother is not named. He has a scar across his right eye and appears to die in issue #118. ] [ MOKF MAX #1-6. The name of Shang Chi's brother is revealed. He is alive, has no scar, and perhaps suffers a slight memory gap. ]

Sometime this Year
An African village, where Fu Manchu stores a deadly fungus, is destroyed by Smith and his allies. An infant, orphaned and scarred by the battle, is rescued by Fu Manchu. He’s given the name M'nai, then trained and raised as Shang Chi's surrogate brother.
[ SME #16. This story is told in flashback. The precise date is not provided. However, details suggest this event occurred within close proximity to Shang Chi's birth. ]
Events detailed in "Re-Enter Fu Manchu" unfold.
Fu Manchu forges an alliance with the USSR. However, a Russian agent, Josef Gorodin, poisons Fu Manchu's supply of Elixir Vitae. Fu Manchu orders Gorodin's death and dissolves the alliance. Assuming the guise of Dr. Otto Hessian, an atomic physicist lost behind the Iron Curtain, Fu Manchu offers a powerful sonic weapon, "sound zero", to the US, intending for them to use it to conquer Communist China for him. Fu Manchu seeks an opportunity to terminate the US President. His intentions are thwarted by Smith.
Events detailed in "The Eyes of Fu Manchu" unfold.
Fu Manchu attempts to force Dr. Gregory Allen to join him. Smith comes to the rescue.

Events detailed in "The Word of Fu Manchu" unfold.
Police Sergeant Jack Kenealy infiltrates the Si-Fan. Fu Manchu discovers Kenealy's true identity and orders his death.
Events detailed in "The Mind of Fu Manchu" unfold.
Fu Manchu pilfers a model anti-gravity device being developed by Bruce Garfield and causes several UFO sightings.

Events detailed in "Emperor Fu Manchu" unfold.
Fu Manchu forges an alliance of convenience with Communist China. While diverting their resources to the Si-Fan, he intends to eventually overthrow them and establish his own rule. Fu Manchu produces an army of "cold men", resurrected Dacoits, in Szechuan province.

Smith and American agent Tony McKay investigate the territory due to rumors of a Russian biological weapons factory based in Hua-Tzu. Fu Manchu evades Smith. Nevertheless, Smith obtains a registry of the Si-Fan's membership, providing an opportunity to eventually cripple the organization.
Smith and McKay launch an attack upon the Si-Fan. They are unsuccessful and are captured. Fu Manchu takes vengeance on his enemies. McKay is executed outright. Fu Manchu's sumo servant, Tak, crushes Smith's legs, crippling him.
[ SME #15. The precise date is not given. However, these events must occur after the events recorded in "Emperor Fu Manchu". ]
Shang Chi defeats a fellow student, Ah Lung, in combat. Fu Manchu demands that Ah Lung be killed. When Shang hesitates to comply, Fu Manchu orders his guards execute the boy.
[ MCP #158. This story is told in flashback. This date is speculation based on Shang Chi's apparent age in the flashback. ]
Early this Year
As a child, Shang Chi hears from fellow student, K'uei Meng, that Fu Manchu intends to rule the world. When Shang Chi confronts his father, Fu Manchu dismisses it as slander. Shang never saw K'uei Meng again.
[ MOKF #19. This story is told in flashback. This date is speculation based on Shang Chi's apparent age in the flashback. ]

The assassin Tiger-Claw petitions Fu Manchu to make him a lodge-master in the Si-Fan and exhibits his prowess by killing three of Fu Manchu's best Si-Fan warriors. Fu Manchu accepts him into the Si-Fan.
[ MOKF GS #4. This story is told in flashback. Shang Chi states, "Barely into my tenth year..." 1952 + 10 = 1962 ]
Events detailed in "Noble House" unfold.
The third half-coin of Jin Qua is presented to Ian Dunross, tenth Tai-Pan of The Noble House, by Paul "Profitable" Choy, seventh son of Wu Sang Fang aka "Four Finger Wu".
[ Noble House by James Clavell. ]
Fu Manchu introduces Shang Chi to Fah Lo Suee. In a private conversation, Fah Lo Suee suggests that Fu Manchu might be evil and that Shang Chi might one day wish him dead.
[ MOKF #26. This story is told in flashback. It's said to have happened "... ten years past..." 1974 - 10 = 1964 ]
Fu Manchu's Machiavellian scheming shatters Shang Chi's childhood friendship with a boy named Shoh Teng. Fu Manchu arranges for Shoh Teng to seemingly betray Shang Chi and deliver him into the hands of MI-6 agents. These "agents" are actually in the employ of Fu Manchu. Fu Manchu "rescues" Shang from the agents and kills the leader, Death-Dragon. All of this is intended to teach Shang Chi that he can trust no one except Fu Manchu.
[ MOKF #64 - 1978. This story is told in flashback. It's said to have happened 13 years prior to that issue. 1978 - 13 = 1965 ]
Fu Manchu sends Shang Chi to meet with Fah Lo Suee. Fah Lo Suee questions whether Shang Chi will choose "... to be shaped by time and season's change or by the hand of man?" She insinuates that Fu Manchu intentions to shape Shang Chi may conceal an evil agenda.
[ MOKF #28. This story is told in flashback. It's said to have happened "Eight years ago... I saw her for the second time... Fah Lo Suee, my half-sister..." 1974 - 8 = 1966 ]

On Shang Chi's fourteenth birthday, Fu Manchu and Cho Lin conspire to employ mercenaries in order to test Shang Chi's killer instinct. Shang Chi defeats the men but does not kill any of them. Cho Lin reveals to Shang Chi that it has been only a test.
[ DHOKF #1. It's explicitly stated this event occurred on Shang Chi's fourteenth birthday. 1952 + 14 = 1966 ]

By the end of this Year
Black Jack Tarr retires from the service and settles in New York where he builds a "Murder Mansion" replete with hidden death traps.
[ MOKF #17. This date is speculation, based on an assumed twenty year government/military service retirement, and excludes his service in the war. ]
March - May
Fah Lo Suee visits Fu Manchu's retreat in Henan. As a punishment for her granting assistance to Smith in May of 1932, Fu Manchu transforms Fah Lo Suee's current lover, Phillip, endowing him with the murderous appetite of the Jack the Ripper. Fah Lo Suee allows, Phillip, the "Mad Slayer" to escape. As punishement, Fu Manchu withholds the Elixir Vitae from her. Eventually, Fah Lo Suee vows to recapture the "Mad Slayer" and Fu Manchu supplies her with the elixir.
[ MOKF #100. This date is speculation based on Shang Chi's apparent age in the flashback, the fact these events must follow Shang Chi's second meeting with Fah Lo Suee in 1966, Fah Lo Suee's statement that Shang Chi has grown much since she's last seen him, and the fact Shang Chi does not yet know about Elixir Vitae. ]

Events detailed in "The Rainbow Affair" unfold.
[ A Man From U.N.C.L.E. Novel by David McDaniel. Napoleon Solo, Illya Kuryakin, Alexander Waverly, Nayland Smith, Fu Manchu, Simon "The Saint" Templar, The Avengers (John Steed and Emma Peel), Miss Marple, and Sherlock "William Escott" Holmes, among others appear in this adventure. James Bond is mentioned. Thrush attempts to recruit Fu Manchu. ]

Before June
Han Sung reveals to Shang Chi that Fu Manchu is utilizing Elixir Vitae.
[ MOKF #55. Shang Chi's states, "I was not yet even fifteen when my father sent him away." 1952 + 15 = 1967 ]

Fu Manchu begins performing experiments on Han Sung in preparation to resurrect Shaka Kharn. These experiments leave Han Sung ravaged by premature old age.
[ MOKF #55. Shang Chi's states, "...My father had planned Shaka Kharn's resurrection for almost a decade." 1976 - 9 = 1967 ]
Fu Manchu successfully induces schizophrenia in a gorilla and uses it as a final guardian for his International Headquarters in New York.
[ SME #15. This story is told in flashback. The precise date given is July 16, 1968. ]
Early this Year
Fu Manchu observes a contest of skill between Shang Chi and Kwai Loo.
[ DHOKF #5. This story is told in flashback. This date is speculation based on Shang Chi's apparent age in the flashback. ]

Shang Chi faces a test of his skill. Alone and unarmed, he faces three armed opponents simultaneously. After successfully completing this test, Shang Chi expresses his desire to to spend less time cultivating his body and more time cultivating his mind. This request is refused by Cho Lin. Appealing to a higher authority, Shang Chi discusses the matter with Fu Manchu. In seeking greater wisdom and sympathetic judgement, he finds only greater authority.
[ DHOKF # 11 - 1974. This story is told in flashback. It's said to have happened "... three years ago..." 1974 – 3 = 1971 ]

Kwan Shu accuses M'nai of pilfering Fu Manchu's wine. Shang Chi does not believe his brother is a thief. Nevertheless, Shang Chi is ordered to retrieve M'nai and bring him before Fu Manchu.

M'nai refuses to accept punishment for evil commited by another. A battle ensues, but ends in a draw. M'nai proposes they work together to discover the idenity of the actual thief. It's a proposal that Shang Chi accepts.
[ MOKF #41 – 1975. This story is told in flashback. It's said to have happened "... four years past". 1975 – 4 = 1971 ]

Fu Manchu abducts Dr. Petrie and subjects him to brainwashing. He places a near exact duplicate in Petrie's place.
[ MOKF GS #3. This date is speculation. ]

A youthful and inexperienced Shang Chi is dispatched to London on a deadly mission to assassinate Fu Manchu's octogenarian rival, Dr. Petrie. This brings him into contact with Nayland Smith for the first time. When he discovers the truth concerning his father's games of death and deceit, Shang Chi swears to oppose, denounce, and destroy the Devil Dr. Fu Manchu.
[ SME #15 ]

Several days after Shang Chi is sent to London to kill Dr. Petrie, Fu Manchu summons Kwai Loo and orders him to kill Shang Chi. Kwai Loo openly defies the command. Fu Manchu orders his Si-Fan assassins to kill Kwai Loo.
[ DHOKF #5. This story is told in flashback. ]

Having rejected his father, Shang Chi has no place to live and no money. He sleeps in New York City's Central Park. British law enforcement officers are seeking Shang Chi in connection with the murder of Dr. Petrie. Fu Manchu has dispatched the assassin, Midnight (M'nai), to eliminate an unsuspecting Shang Chi.
[ SME #16 ]

Fu Manchu threatens the priests responsible for tutoring Shang Chi. He demands to know why his son has betrayed and rejected him, despite being trained since birth to be an unquestioning and obedient assassin.

Via flashback, we learn: On Shang Chi's fourteenth birthday, Fu Manchu and Cho Lin conspired to employ mercenaries in order to test Shang Chi's killer instinct. After defeating the killers-for-hire in a rather brutal battle, the conspiracy is revealed to Shang Chi.

It is only now Fu Manchu and Cho Lin understand that Shang Chi's reaction was not admiration for the complexity of Fu Manchu's test, but rather repugnance toward the unnecessary brutality, violence, and suffering it caused.
[ DHOKF #1 ]

A newspaper (The Daily Bugle) informs Shang Chi that Sir Dennis Nayland Smith is in New York City. Shang Chi desires to explain his actions to Smith and seek some advice. Little does Shang Chi know that Smith has engaged the assistance of Black Jack Tarr to exact revenge on Shang Chi for causing Petrie's death.

After escaping the death traps of Tarr's "Murder Mansion", Shang Chi finds Smith, confronts him, and inspires him to stand in spite of having crippled legs. It's the start of a friendship, which will eventually lead to them joining forces against the most insidiously evil man on Earth!
[ MOKF #17 ]
In Chinatown, trouble finds Shang Chi. Recognized as the son of Fu Manchu, he's attacked by enemies of the devil doctor. After making nice with each other, everyone heads to the back room of a nearby Dojo. Here Shang Chi is introduced to Mr. Man and a group of "unsuccessful experiments" created by Fu Manchu.

They desire retribution and request that Shang Chi join them, but he refuses. A big brawl breaks out, which Fu Manchu is monitoring via remote cameras. After subduing the group of scientific rejects, everybody agrees to get along and wish each other well. As Shang Chi exits the building, it explodes into a blazing fireball of death!
[ DHOKF #2 ]

Still in Chinatown, Shang Chi is shanghaied. When the truck stops, his abductors intend to leave him locked in the cargo area. Shang Chi makes a prison break and follows them into a private residence. There he must face... The Adder!
[ DHOKF #3 ]

In his father's absence, Shang Chi infiltrates Fu Manchu's international headquarters in New York City. After assailing an assassin, Shang Chi tethers him up-side down with a message declaring "First move! - Shang Chi".

As Shang Chi exits the building, he encounters Smith and Tarr, who have been searching for him. Smith has accepted Shang Chi's explanation that his duplicitous father deceived him. Smith desires to enlist Shang Chi and secure his assistance to defeat Fu Manchu. Shang Chi agrees to work with Smith on a limited basis. Smith offers intel concerning Fu Manchu's current plot for world domination and offers Shang Chi a flight to Florida.

Near Citrusville, Shang Chi discovers Fu Manchu's Machiavellian machinations to contaminate gasoline with a drug that would allow Fu Manchu to control the unwashed masses. Having been exposed to the toxin, Shang Chi experiences hallucinations and mayhem ensues in the mighty Marvel manner.
[ MOKF #18 ]

Still suffering the ill-effects of Fu Manchu's hallucinogenic toxin and running from his father's assassins, Shang Chi stumbles into the local swamp and encounters a massive muck monster. Meanwhile, Fu Manchu's convoy is ambushed by Smith and Tarr, but the evil doctor escapes once again. Back in the swamp, those pesky killers catch up to Shang Chi. In the heat of battle, Shang Chi is sucked into quicksand, but is rescued by the massive muck monster, who crispy critters the baddies.
[ MOKF #19 ]

While Shang Chi is relaxing on the beach, he’s attacked by a trio of knife wielding frogmen. He soon discovers a man named Marston hired these wet-work killers. Martson, a yacht dwelling douche-bag with a propensity for beating women, desires to cultivate Fu Manchu's favor and has hired samurai swordsman, Korain, to slice and dice Shang Chi.

Covertly, Shang Chi boards Marston's boat and fists of fury start flying. In the ensuing melee, Korain is struck by a wave of pain. He quaffs a concoction of Fu Manchu's Elixir Vitae. This results in cardiac arrest and Korain collapses. A sword hurls from his hand, killing Marston's girlfriend.
[ MOKF #20 ]

Due to his girlfriend's death, Marston desires revenge. Shang Chi is captured, tied to a tree, and beaten. Unexpectedly, it's Fu Manchu to the rescue. Employing a venomous viper, the Devil Doctor mercilessly executes Marston and issues an ominous declaration: "I have slain this man for one reason. Only Fu Manchu may choose the moment of your death." With restraints severed, a battered Shang Chi crumples to the ground as his father departs.
[ MOKF #21 ]

In a Miami newspaper, Shang Chi recognizes a familiar Buddha sculpture, now on display at a museum. At the museum, Shang Chi overhears three thieves plotting to steal the Buddha. Shang Chi reports these thieves to a security guard, who dismisses him. Waiting for the thieves to break in, Shang Chi follows them and foils the caper, only to discover that Fu Manchu has already snatched the Buddha for himself.
[ MOKF GS #1 - Part 4 ]

Shang Chi seeks inexpensive lodging in Miami. The proprietor of one skid row flophouse refuses to rent him any room. Back on the street, Shang Chi meets a blind beggar, who suddenly crumples to the ground, dead. A rooftop sniper accidentally snuffed the wrong target and takes aim again. Shang Chi races to the building and up the stairs, pursued by two additional hit-men.

Rather than heading directly for the roof, he exits from a top-floor window. While the three hit-men wonder how they lost him, he attacks. Two fall quickly. The third dashes to a nearby roof and through a skylight, with Shang Chi on his heels. The hit-man takes a hostage. The same landlord who turned Shang Chi away moments ago. Shang Chi literally pulls the rug out from under the man. Shang Chi expects no expression of gratitude, nor does he receive any.
[ MOKF GS #1 - Part 5 ]

Shang Chi wanders the streets of New York one foggy evening. He discovers an effigy hanging from a street lamp at the corner of Madison Avenue and 57th Street. Drawing near, he notices that it wears his clothing.

A knife tears through the darkness, barely missing him, and strikes a window frame. Shang Chi notices a paper attached to the knife's hilt and briefly wonders why someone would bother sending a written message along with the message implicit in the knife itself. Wasting no more time, he chases the robed figure that had delivered this message. In an alleyway, a second robed figure ambushes Shang Chi from above.

The two remove their robes, revealing themselves as Si-Fan assassins. After a brief fight, the two kill themselves with poison capsules. Shang Chi returns to the effigy and cuts it down. The message on the knife is a birthday greeting from his fiendish father, the Devil Dr. Fu Manchu.
[ MOKF GS #1 - Part 1 ]

On his way to confront Fu Manchu, Shang Chi is dragged into the sewers by another Si-Fan assassin and a brutal battle ensues. A woman, whom Shang Chi had earlier dismissed as a prostitute, helps him climb from the manhole. Yet another assassin appears and attacks. After a brief battle, Shang Chi takes the woman to her apartment. She attempts to seduce and garrote him, but he nearly strangles her. She dives from the window to her death. A second effigy drops into the window with a second message.
[ MOKF GS #1 - Part 2 ]

Having infiltrated the Council of Seven, Shang Chi removes his disguise, briefly explains that he ambushed two council members, then substituted himself and the effigy for them. Shang Chi puts his training to the ultimate test against five assassins. A long and grueling fight ends with the defeat of all five. He immediately gives chase, but finds Fu Manchu has escaped, by helicopter, on his way to "the heart of America... to still it forever".
[ MOKF GS #1 - Part 3 ]

Shang Chi is ambushed while dining. Having discovered Fu Manchu's intention to set a trap at the restaurant, Smith and Tarr arrive on the scene too late. Smith and Tarr proceed to Fu Manchu's lair and are expeditiously captured.

As Fu Manchu and his prisoners board a jet, Shang surreptitiously slips aboard as well. Landing on a mountainside, Fu Manchu treks his captives and explosives into a cave. After an altercation, Smith makes a shocking discovery concerning the location.
[ MOKF #22 ]
Fu Manchu's fiendish plot to abduct delegates of the United Nations is underway and Shang Chi must track them down, before it's too late!
[ DHOKF SAE #1 ]

One of Fu Manchu's many assassins, Chow Loo, fails to murder Shang Chi. Captured, he informs Shang Chi of the Devil Doctor's intention to poison the Los Angeles water supply. Shang Chi hitches a ride to California and puts his deadly hands to work!
[ DHOKF #4. There's a Pepsi Cola advertisement: "You've Got a Lot to Live. Pepsi's Got a Lot to Give." That ad campaign ran from 1969 to 1973. ]

On the mean streets of LA, Shang Chi passes a movie theater featuring a kung fu film. He covertly enters and recognizes one of the actors as his former training partner back in Henan. After tracking his old partner down, the actor explains how he escaped the clutches of Fu Manchu. Unfortunately, Fu Manchu has recently discovered his location and is making attempts on his life!
[ DHOKF #5 ]

Shang Chi encounters a gang of LA Savages and the foul stench of death is in the air.
[ DHOKF #6 ]

In San Fransisco, Shang Chi interferes with a local mobster's protection racket. Fu Manchu’s Si-Fan assassins are pursuing Shang Chi and mayhem ensues in the mighty Marvel manner.
[ DHOKF #7 ]

Shang Chi hunts a sociopathic serial killer, known as the Midnight Slasher, through the streets of San Fransisco.
[ DHOKF #8 ]

Shang Chi is involved with a purse snatching incident at San Fransisco's Golden Gate Park and a challenge of masters ensues.
[ DHOKF #9. A poster is attached to a tree located in San Fransisco's Golden Gate Park. It advertises "International Karate Championship John Gimpert vs Lloyd Russette Sunday March 17". March 17 fell on Sunday in 1974. Consider this poster would be advertising the event before it is scheduled to take place. ]
While visiting the University of California campus at Berkeley, Shang Chi is caught in the middle of a violent altercation between angry protesters and the local National Guard unit.
[ DHOKF #11 ]

Shang Chi must travel to Beijing and protect a Chinese scientist wishing to defect.
[ MOKF GS #2 ]

A surviving World War II Nazi escaped to the jungles of South America. He's in possession of design schematics for the construction a secret weapon and Fu Manchu is coming for them. Smith and Tarr enlist Shang Chi's assistance to get there first.
[ MOKF #23, 24, 25 ]

Shang Chi meets Clive Reston. Having traveled to London, they join Smith and Tarr. Phansigars have been searching for something they have not yet found. At the end of the trail, Dr. Petrie is discovered to be very much alive and well!
[ MOKF GS #3 ]

A power struggle erupts between Fu Manchu and Fah Lo Suee, causing a rift within the ranks of the Si-Fan. Smith is abducted only to be used as a pawn and Greville is excavating a pyramid in El Kharga, Egypt. Fah Lo Suee and Fu Manchu both want whatever ancient secret is about to be uncovered.
[ MOKF #26, 27, 28 ]
A 2000 year old Ninja, a ruby the size of a fist, a seductive spy, and Shang Chi in another game of death and deceit.
[ DHOKF #12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18 ]

Twelve bank robberies are committed in a single day. All of them were ordered by a lodge master of the Si-Fan. Now, Shang Chi must face the deadly Tiger-Claw.
[ MOKF GS #4 ]

A mysterious clan of Ninja are on the hunt. Shang Chi joins a traveling circus with Moon Sun and his sexy daughter. Mayhem ensues in the mighty Marvel manner.
[ MOKF #36, 37 ]

After witnessing the devastating effects of heroin addiction, Shang Chi agrees to partner with Smith and take down drug kingpin Carlton Velcro. Velcro's headquarters is a fortress located on a secret island estate in the Gulf of Lions, France. Velcro has an army of henchmen, sexy lounging ladies, panthers, high-tech weapons, and the villainous Razor-Fist at his disposal.
[ MOKF #29, 30, 31 ]

Shang Chi is resting in Provence, France. At a party held in his honor, Shang Chi meets an amorous blonde dancer and is attracted to her. He meets an elderly woman, Dame Peyraud, who owns a refinery.

An evil cartel, determined to control the world's economy by any means available, had offered to update the refinery's computer system. Peyraud refused. In the In the following months, problems have ensued. Consequently, she shut down the refinery. Now, she desires Shang Chi to protect her.

Peyraud is struck by blindness. Shang Chi falls for the blonde dancer. Peyraud is attacked by flying android scorpions and a poisonous fly. Blamed for Peyraud's injuries, Shang Chi goes for a walkabout, but is assaulted by a masked assailant. Another henchman shows up with a gun and gets filleted. Peyraud suffers cardiac arrest, induced by her doctor.

Turns out, the blonde dancer is actually pulling the strings. She's working for the evil cartel. She temporarily paralyzes Shang Chi, expresses her love for him, then vanishes into the night.
[ MOKF #102 ]

Leisure time in Marseilles is interrupted. Smith informs Shang Chi and Tarr the three of them are taking a boat to England, while Clive and Petrie fly across the pond.

An MI-6 agent, who's in possession of sensitive documents, will be aboard a cruise ship to England. The local office suspects foreign agents will be on board. It's up to Smith, Tarr, and Shang Chi to protect the British agent from the enemy agents and see the documents arrive safely in England.
[ MOKF #32 ]

Smith, Tarr, and Shang Chi arrive in London. Fresh off the ship from France, they're assaulted by a murderous android. Tarr suspects the automaton was sent by Mordillo, a gadget loving freelance assassin, and that he's gunning for Reston.

Shang Chi and Reston head off to Shang's new flat, where they find a bathing Leiko Wu. Leiko is another of Smith’s agents and Reston's former lover. Those three are called to Scotland Yard. Joining Smith and Tarr, they discover that Mordillo is scheming to destroy the ozone layer.

Leiko is abducted. Shang Chi is determined to hunt down Mordillo and rescue Lieko. In fact, the events of that rescue spark the beginning of a romantic relationship between Shang Chi and Leiko.
[ MOKF #33, 34, 35 ]

After June - Before December
On a mission for Smith in Morocco, Shang Chi encounters Hackstabber and his cousin Quigley J. Warmflash. Mayhem ensues in the mighty Marvel manner. In the end, the mission is a dead end.
[ MOKF #52 ]

Shang Chi is on a mission to Hong Kong, because one of Smith's undercover agents is in danger. His mission is to assist her and retrieve some sensitive documents. Shang Chi soon discovers the situation is not quite that simple.

The undercover operative, Juliette, is a torch singer at nightclub. She's fallen in love with crime lord Shen Kuei, aka "The Cat" and refuses to betray her lover. Due to a meeting with Shang Chi, her cover is blown and Shen Kuei learns that Juliette is an enemy agent. As Cat threatens them both, mobsters rush in.

Shang Chi and Juliette escape to a boat where the documents are kept. Shang discovers that Smith has lied. The papers were not stolen British documents, but a product of Chinese intelligence. Angry with the deceit, Shang Chi destroys the papers.

Back on shore, Shen Kuei is lying in wait. When Shang Chi and Juliette return, the final battle ensues.
[ MOKF #38, 39 ]

Shang Chi confronts Smith about his lies and deceit. Smith claims innocence, but Shang Chi doesn't buy it, quits, and walks out. Playing the "you can save lives" card, Tarr convinces Shang Chi to assist him with his current mission. There's a mole in the agency and British spies are getting murdered.
[ MOKF #40 ]

After Tarr, Reston, and Larner exit Larner's apartment, Shang Chi recalls a memory from four years past when Kwan Shu accused M'nai of pilfering Fu Manchu's wine.
[ MOKF #41 ]

Colleen Wing was abducted and Iron Fist has followed the trail to London. He asks Scotland Yard for assistance, which leads him to Smith at MI-6. Smith directs Iron Fist to Shang Chi, who agrees to lend a deadly hand.

Pounding the pavement, they encounter a big batch of baddies and fists of fury start flying. Some untrustworthy-looking dude, Quan-St'ar the magician... Seriously?!?... Alright, who slipped the LSD into Shang's tea?
[ MOKF AN #1 ]

Smith informs Shang Chi that a time bomb is set to explode in the halls of Parliament. The one man who can prevent it has been captured by the insidious Dr. Fu Manchu. A message, signed by Fu Manchu, demands Shang Chi go to him or else Fu Manchu will set off the explosives.

However, it's a ruse to trap Shang Chi. Similarly, Iron Fist is duped while searching for Colleen Wing. Below the Streets of London, Shang Chi and Iron Fist must face the Labyrinth of Death and confront the Iron Mask.

Turns out, some wing-nut associate of Smith's hopes to persuade Shang Chi and Iron Fist to team up with him in order to take down Fu Manchu. When they collectively tell the nut-job to take a hike, they're forced to fight... each other!
[ DHOKF #29 ]

Smith's hunt for the mole within MI-6 intensifies. A villainous high-tech armored assassin, Shockwave, gets the better of Shang Chi. Smith is targeted for termination and a time-bomb is set in his office.
[ MOKF #42 ]

Recovering from injuries inflicted by Shockwave, Shang Chi jets to Switzerland. His mission is to assist Leiko. She's ex-filtrating an undercover MI-6 agent, code-named "Agent-D".

In London, Petrie is revealed to be working with Shockwave, and planting explosives. Shang Chi's unoccupied apartment is destroyed, but his cat survives. Tarr survives an explosion at his home. Shockwave is revealed to be, Smith's nephew, Lancaster Sneed.

Arriving at a safe house in Switzerland, Shang Chi meets his host, who is promptly shot by a sniper. A gang of gun toting guerrillas shoot up the place. With Leiko and Agent-D as his prisoners, Shockwave arrives, but Shang Chi is ready for him. Agent-D is revealed to be, none other than Fu Manchu's very own, Ducharme.
[ MOKF #43 ]

Ducharme tells Shang Chi a story where she claims to have been an undercover for Smith for 40 plus years. Larner inspects bomb fragments. Reston Shang Chi, and Leiko engage in a firefight. Leiko is abducted, again. While uncovering Petrie as the mole, Smith is shot and Shang Chi's sister, Fah Lo Suee, returns.
[ MOKF #44 ]

Shang Chi and Reston are threatened by Fah Lo Suee's Golden Dagger grunts. Petrie covers up the shooting of Smith. Fu Manchu unearths a massive oyster. Larner captures Petrie. Leiko escapes her abductors. Then she rescues Shang Chi and Reston from certain death.
[ MOKF #45 ]

Reston escapes from Fah Lo Suee's boat on Lake Geneva and swims to shore. Shang Chi and Leiko drive around the lake shore to find Reston. Together, they follow Fah Lo Suee. Reston goes off about the love triangle between Shang Chi, Leiko, and himself. Leiko shuts that down fast. An agitated Reston drives off alone, leaving Shang Chi and Leiko on foot.

Fu Manchu demolishes a giant pearl to retrieve a mysterious skull. Reston is captured by Fah Lo Suee and exposed to hypnotic-mimosa. Shang Chi and Leiko are ambushed. Shang Chi and Leiko, disguised Fah Lo Suee's minions, board her helicopter and head to the arctic for a final showdown with the fiendish Fu Manchu.

Reston escapes. Suspected of pulling a Benedict Arnold, he's interrogated by MI-6.
[ MOKF #46 ]

Undercover aboard Fah Lo Suee's airship, Shang Chi and Leiko send a radio a message to MI-6. After landing near the north pole, their identity is discovered. Under a hail of gunfire, Shang Chi and Leiko flee. Fah Lo Suee treks her henchmen to Fu Manchu's frozen mountain hideout in an attempt to overthrow him.

Meanwhile in London, a brainwashed Petri is de-programed. A recovering Smith orders Reston and Larner to assist Shang Chi in the arctic, but their jet is shot down. Fu Manchu fools around with a skeleton. Finding a cave, Shang Chi and Leiko dance the horizontal mambo for warmth.

The next day Fah Lo Suee finds Reston and Larner still alive in their crashed jet, so Shang Chi and Leiko jump out of hiding to help. Just then Fu Manchu sends his goon-squad to attack and they decimate his daughters troops. Gathering his group, and his sister, Shang Chi leads their escape.
[ MOKF #47 ]

Tarr arrives at the arctic. Fu Manchu's fiendish foray to re-incarnate his powerful ancestor, Shaka Kharn, is revealed. Tarr locates Larner and Fah Lo Suee. He's informed that Fu Manchu's master plan is to nuke the moon, throwing it out of orbit, causing mass flooding and catastrophic cataclysms, killing 90% of the Earth's population, preparing the world for his visions of rebuilding and reshaping.

After instructing Larner to gather demolitions from the wrecked jet and prepare to blow the mountain, if his intended assault fails. Tarr dashes off to meet with Reston, Shang Chi, and Leiko. Discovered by Fu Manchu's goon-squad and overwhelmingly out numbered, the group splits up, with Shang Chi intent on locating Fu Manchu.
[ MOKF #48 ]

Reston and Lieko discover the launch tube. While Reston surreptitiously slips aboard the space craft, Lieko escapes. Tarr is trapped in a pit of giant scorpions. Shang Chi battles Shaka Kharn and soon joins Tarr in the scorpion pit. After making an escape and locating Leiko, she and Tarr retreat. Shang Chi joins Reston on Fu Manchu's moonraker rocket.
[ MOKF #49 ]

Aboard the spacecraft, Shang Chi and Reston blast into space and dock with Fu Manchu's space station. Covertly, they search for Fu Manchu and the master control room. While Reston sabotages the controls, Shang Chi locates his father. Once again, Shang Chi faces Shaka Kharn. Fu Manchu is shot, electrocuted, launched out to space in a damaged vessel, and destined for death.
[ MOKF #50 ]

Shang Chi and Reston return from orbit. Shang Chi engages in a dramatic argument Smith. Refusing to be a pawn for Smith or MI-6, Shang Chi desires nothing more to do with them and walks out. In fact, everyone is tired of the game and abandons Smith.
[ MOKF #51 ]
Shang Chi slips between drug induced hallucinations, fever dreams, and reality. Mistakenly believing he's in Latveria, Shang Chi battles cybernetic clones of adversaries from his past and an android Dr. Doom doppelganger. Shang Chi and Reston leap from a rocket disguised as a castle tower, fall into the Thames, and find themselves in a hospital with Leiko and Tarr at their bedside.
[ MOKF #59, 60 ]

End of September - Early October
Iron Fist invites Shang Chi to hang out with him and kick it in New York. Unexpectedly, they must battle alongside White Tiger and Jack-of-Hearts as they contend with a group of kung fu killers aboard a mysterious freighter at the crumbling docks of the South Bronx. The most pivotal role in this life-and-death drama is played by the most unexpected figure of all!
[ DHOKF #31, 32 ]

Shang Chi becomes an unwitting pawn in a fatal game of death and deceit as he seeks to aid a young man in his destructive mission of vengeance.
[ DHOKF #33 ]
A renegade faction within MI-6 desire to terminate Shang Chi, Leiko, Tarr, and Reston. Not wishing to be linked with their deaths, they elect to employ an independent contractor, known as War-Yore, who possesses a propensity for costumes resembling “warriors of yore”, hence the name. Although, this rouge MI-6 brain-trust questions the prudence of employing a psychologically unstable assassin.

After the threat is neutralized, Reston blames Smith for the whole affair. In anger, Leiko explodes at Shang Chi and Reston. Asserting her independence, she storms off. Shang Chi believes that Leiko has walked out of their romantic relationship.
[ MOKF #54, 56, 57, 58 ]

Shang Chi's former teacher and friend, Han Sung, has stolen a vial of Elixir Vitae from Fu Manchu. Unaware than Shang Chi no longer serves Fu Manchu, he's frightful that Shang Chi will hunt him down. He dispatches a couple cohorts to rub out Shang Chi.
[ MOKF #55 ]

Reston apologizes to Smith. Smith considers resigning from MI-6. Reston is dating Melissa Greville. An assassin, named Skull Crusher, is contracted to kill Shang Chi.
[ MOKF #61 ]

In search of Juliette, Shang Chi travels to Hong Kong. A peacock explodes and Shang Chi stumbles into trouble. Leiko is yearning for Shang Chi. When she turns to Reston, Lieko gets the brush off.
[ MOKF #62 ]

Smith sends Tarr to Hong Kong. His mission is to infiltrate a clandestine smuggling operation lead by Kogar.
[ MOKF #63 ]

Tarr learns that Kogar is responsible for the explosion at the Jade Peacock. Kogar discovers two of his men were killed in a fight with a young Chinese. Kogar and his cronies are on the hunt for Shang Chi.
[ MOKF #65 ]

After locating Shang Chi and discovering that Tarr knows him, Kogar tests Tarr’s loyalty by threatening to kill Shang Chi. Tarr responds that he doesn't care. Satisfied with that, Kogar attacks Shang Chi. Before the confrontation can reach a conclusion, Juliette and her crew arrive. Shang Chi escapes with Juliette in a boat.

Each of Kogar’s crates are revealed to contain 20 bricks of hashish. Every brick conceals a microdot containing partial schematic to build a neutron bomb. There's 5,000 separate microdots in total and all of them are required for the design to be complete.
[ MOKF #66 ]

Kogar sends his men to neutralize Shang Chi and Juliette. After Shang Chi is amorous with Juliette, he heads for Kogar's hideout and allows himself to be captured. Shang Chi claims that he's tired of protecting Juliette and wants to join up with Kogar. Kogar is surprised, but accepts Shang Chi's offer to join them.

Unexpectedly, Shen Kuei arrives. It's revealed that he and Kogar were once partners. Kogar decides to put his newest recruit to the test and demands that Shang Chi fight Shen Kuei to the death. During the fight, Kogar confesses that he's responsible for the death of Shen Kuei’s brother.
[ MOKF #67 ]

Kogar’s weapon designs are blown to pieces and his secret base is destroyed. Shang Chi sails off with Juliette, leaving Leiko and the others.
[ MOKF #68 ]

Shang Chi attempts to connect romantically with Juliette, but is rejected. She chooses Skullcrusher instead.
[ MOKF #69 ]
Anna, the love of Tarr's life, vanished thirty years ago. Now, he has a lead on her whereabouts. The mystery of Tarr's lost love is revealed and once again the world of espionage is shown to be cruel and inhuman. Tarr walks away from his house and Anna forever.
[ MOKF #70 ]

On the streets of New York, Shang Chi encounters a former teacher and childhood friend, Shoh Teng. Unknown to Shang Chi, Teng is a loyal member of Fu Manchu's elite Si-Fan.
[ MOKF #64 ]

Shang Chi and Leiko reconnect, resuming their romantic involvement, but the relationship is a bit strained. There's some Fleetwood Mac, pizza, sparring practice, a movie, and a make out session in the park, then back to Leiko's flat. A badly beaten Smith bursts in. When questioned about what happened, he replies, "I resigned... "
[ MOKF #71 ]

Shockwave is now working for MI-6, and Mordillo's Brynocki returns.
[ MOKF #72 ]

Shang Chi and Leiko travel to Mordillo's island in search of the abducted Tarr. Mayhem ensues in the mighty Marvel manner. Meanwhile Smith, Reston, and Melissa are on the run from MI-6 and head to Stormhaven Castle.
[ MOKF #73 ]

Former MI-6 ally, Ward Sarsfield, captures Smith, Reston, and Melissa.
[ MOKF #74 ]

Shockwave experiences a complete emotional breakdown and spills the beans concerning some of MI-6's dirty little secrets. Shang Chi covertly records the psychotic episode, providing evidence to use as leverage against MI-6.
[ MOKF #75 ]

At a waterfront bar in Limehouse, Shang Chi encounters an elderly Asian gentleman. While discussing philosophical issues, Shang Chi reveals his identity. Unknown to Shang Chi, Zaran has offered a bounty for him and the old man sells him out.
[ MOKF #76 ]

The villainous Zaran battles Shang Chi for possession of Shockwave's taped confession. Zaran makes off with the tape, but not before blowing out Leiko's car tire, causing a dramatic automobile wreck. Tarr storms Stormhaven Castle, to find his comrades held captive and the killers waiting. He takes two of them out, but he's shot. As Tarr lies on the floor bleeding, Sarsfield taunts him.
[ MOKF #77 ]

Shang Chi carries an unconscious Leiko into a small village. Locating a pub, not yet open for the day, a doctor is called for Leiko. Shang Chi learns Zaran keeps a small lodge nearby. At Stormhaven, Sarsfield claims Fu Manchu is alive. He also claims that Smith, Tarr, and Reston are involved.

Shang Chi locates Zaran and fists of fury start flying. Zaran flees and Shang Chi searches for the tape of Shockwave's confession. Leiko regains consciousness and joins Shang Chi. Together, they head for Stormhaven Castle.

Zaran arrives at Stormhaven and executes Sarsfield. Zaran claims that he no longer works for MI-6 and presses a blade to Tarr's throat.
[ MOKF #78 ]

At this point, Shang Chi has been awake for days and he's feeling the effects of sleep deprivation. Arriving at Stormhaven, Shang Chi and Leiko discover Zaran holding their comrades hostage. Shang Chi experiences a strange dream-like trance. Leiko's concussion incapacitates her. Half conscious, Shang Chi must battle Zaran. Fah Lo Suee returns and causes trouble.
[ MOKF #79 ]

Shang Chi takes residence at Stormhaven and is recovering from severe sleep deprivation. MI-6 may be working with Fah Lo Suee. Smith believes Fu Manchu is alive. An old ally, in South America, may have uncovered evidence supporting Smith's suspicions. Smith wants the team to investigate.
[ MOKF #80 ]

Shang Chi, Tarr, and Reston are on the run from MI-6.
[ MOKF #81 ]

Lyman Leeks informs Shang Chi and associates that Fu Manchu is alive. After falling from the skies, he's living as a god among men in a South American jungle. Most recently, he's been abducting VIPs from around the globe.
[ MOKF #82 ]

Fu Manchu is busy with alchemy, training warriors, bathing in elixir vitae with snakes, smoking opium, and reveling in the resultant hallucinations. Fah Lo Suee appears to have slithered back into Fu Manchu's good graces.

Smith is abducted and held in Morocco, by Leopard Cultists. Kâramanèh is revealed to be alive. Shang Chi and Leiko prepare to leave for South America and for a confrontation with with the Devil Dr. Fu Manchu.
[ MOKF #83 ]

Leeks 'encourages' a member of the Leopard Cultist to speak. While Shang Chi is uncomfortable with the methods utilized, he does not protest. Fu Manchu is running a massive mind control program, kidnapping scores of victims from all over the globe, and causing pervasive subconscious mass confusion.

Kâramanèh is revealed to be free from Fu Manchu's mind control. As they head to Morocco in an attempt to rescue Smith, Clive and Leiko are certain a trap will be waiting. Shang Chi and Tarr track a convoy of Leopard Cultists, then are trapped.
[ MOKF #84 ]

Shang Chi and Tarr escape from cultists and crocodiles, then storm Fu Manchu's compound. Meanwhile in Morocco, Reston and Leiko receive unexpected assistance rescuing Smith. Reston and Leiko decide the most helpful thing they can possibly do at this precise moment is to give each other an orgasm. Tarr discovers a bloody zombie factory. The Leopard Cult locates Smith, Reston, and Leiko.
[ MOKF #85 ]

Shang Chi confronts a hologram while Fu Manchu escapes. Tarr has an altercation with brainwashed minions. Fah Lo Suee informs Tarr that Smith is in Morocco. Shang Chi and Tarr make an escape. While Reston, Leiko, and Smith wait for Shang Chi to arrive in Morocco, Rick 'Bogart' Blaine blasts bunches of bad boys.
[ MOKF #86 ]

Shang Chi and Tarr make it to Morocco. Leiko confesses her infidelity. Shang Chi cold-cocks Clive Reston. Fah Lo Suee reveals that she's working for MI-6 to take down Fu Manchu.
[ MOKF #87 ]

In New York, Fu Manchu's pawns burn an oil refinery. Fu Manchu triggers the timer on a nuclear bomb. Smith and Tarr attempt to defuse it. Fah Lo Suee gets a dagger in the back. Shang Chi battles Fu Manchu's main man, Maru. Time is running out for Smith and Tarr. Shang Chi and Leiko are nearly helpless due to Fu Manchu's hallucinogenic gas.
[ MOKF #88 ]

As Fu Manchu attempts to escape, Shang Chi refuses to give up the chase. Experiencing hallucinations, Shang Chi confronts his father. Smith struggles to disarm the bomb. Shang Chi battles Fu Manchu's alien-like laboratory babies.
[ MOKF #89 ]

Fu Manchu is defeated. Shang Chi and associates gather on a dock at New York harbor. Smith and company plan on returning to London. Not interested in returning to the games of death and deceit, Shang Chi chooses to remain in the Big Apple. Leiko decides to stay with him.

Leiko informs Shang Chi that her brother lives and works at the Hong Kong embassy in NYC so they go for a visit. (At the time Hong Kong was still a territory of the Crown. Therefore, Leiko's brother is not a Communist. )

David Wu is meeting with peace officers when they arrive. There's been increased gang violence among the Asian community in Chinatown. Shang Chi joins a Chinatown street gang.
[ MOKF #90 ]

Shang Chi is arrested. Bailed out by Leiko, he attempts to verbally neutralize a gang war. Mayhem ensues in the mighty Marvel manner and Shang Chi is shot.
[ MOKF #91 ]

An elite Si-Fan assassin is living in the sewers with one of Fu Manchu's mutated gorillas, which he trained to hunt for food and other supplies. Store owners, who have been raided by the creature, created a mythical story for the "monster". This leads Shang Chi and Leiko to investigate.
[ MOKF #92 ]

At the embassy, Shang Chi and Leiko are disrupted by Tarr. Smith has established a private agency, Freelance Restorations Limited, and their first mission is rescuing Melissa Greville's 'abducted' sister, Mandy, from an evil cult. Shang Chi agrees to help only to discover the woman does not want to go with them.
[ MOKF #93 ]

Shang Chi and company return to Stormhaven Castle. They've brought Mandy back for some de-programming. We get a tour of the newly outfitted castle. An apprehensive Shang Chi tentatively agrees to join the freelancers. A cybernetic assassin, working for the cult, is trained to defeat Shang Chi.
[ MOKF #94 ]

The cult leader, Samisdat, is revealed to be an agent of the KGB and the Russians are behind the whole affair. The evil Ruski's are plotting to launch a laser satellite weapon into orbit that can target the ground, while the indoctrinated cult members commit terrorist attacks in their home countries.
[ MOKF #95 ]

Conveniently, some stranger slides Shang Chi and Leiko tickets to a championship kick-boxing match featuring Rufus 'Super Midnight' Carter. Shang and Leiko are invited back to "Ole One Eye's" dressing room and get involved in more games of death and deceit. Chasing after a book, they discover it contains Samisdat's project. Since Shang Chi and associates already put and end to Samisdat, the plans are of no consequence. Once again, Shang Chi was drawn into a series of unnecessary actions. This does not please him.
[ MOKF #96 ]

Smith hires a caterer to host an open house dinner party that he's throwing to advertise the new Freelance organization and to show off some expensive artwork. Unfortunately, these phony caterers are genuine thieves.
[ MOKF #97 ]

The Greville sisters open a school for the blind at Stormhaven. Shang Chi jaunts off for London to pick up a perspective student. However, Shadow Slasher desires to be the 'Shogun of Harlem', err I mean Hong Kong. To prove he's 'the baddest low-down mofo around this town', he's decided to grab a transcontinental to terminate Shang Chi in London and determine 'who is the master'. Shang Chi must not only defend himself against this dandy dilettante, but he must keep this blind blonde broad safe as well.
[ MOKF #98 ]
Sometime this Year
Events detailed in "Horror Wears Blue" unfold.
In London, Prince Zarkon and his Omega Crew encounter George Gideon of Scotland Yard, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, Bulldog Drummond, Doc Savage's aide Monk Mayfair, and Simon "The Saint" Templar. Dr. Val Petrie, of Scotland Yard, plays a prominent role in these events.
[ Horror Wears Blue by Lin Carter. ]

When karate champion and ex-CIA agent, Rufus Carter, arrives at Stormhaven Castle, a wounded Shang Chi decides it's time for him to lend a deadly hand. These two masters must defeat a crew of pirates and stop a runaway cruiser before it blows up the docks.
[ MOKF #99 ]

The Ripper of Whitechapel has returned and Leiko must face her greatest peril. Once again, Fu Manchu's malevolent past returns to haunt Shang Chi.
[ MOKF #100 ]

At a hospital, Leiko is recovering from the Whitechapel Ripper attack. Leaving her room, Shang Chi encounters that elderly Asian gentleman who previously betrayed Shang Chi to Zaran. The old man pleads for Shang Chi's assistance. Shang Chi refuses. However, Shang Chi reconsiders and heads to the waterfront bar where he first met the old man. Certain the killers will finish him, the old man unplugs his life support.
[ MOKF #101 ]

After a six week stay in the hospital, Leiko is compelled to prove herself. Tarr provides her with a lead and she's off to Hong Kong. Wishing to assist her, Shang Chi is on Leiko's trail. Rather than catching up to her, he stumbles on to a precious Nazi treasure laying at the bottom of Tathong Channel since WWII.
[ MOKF #103 ]

Shang Chi comes face-to-face with the one man he has never truly defeated, Shen Kuei, the man called Cat. Interestingly, Shang Chi finds Leiko Wu, the woman he loves, in the arms of his rival. Now, these two Masters of Kung Fu must engage in a martial arts battle to rival all others. They fight for honor, for victory, for love.
[ MOKF #104 ]

The assassin, known as Razor Fist, has come for Pavane. Shang Chi and Leiko must protect the feline vixen, Pavane. Shocking information about Razor Fist is revealed.
[ MOKF #105 ]

Shang Chi tracks down the third Razor Fist. Then Shang Chi must face Velcro and his cabal of assassins
[ MOKF #106 ]

Events detailed in "The Black Lotus" unfold.
Miami detective Mike Shayne encounters Leiko Smith, the Black Lotus.
[ The Black Lotus by James Reasoner. It's strongly hinted that the Black Lotus is the granddaughter of Fu Manchu. This has since been confirmed by James Reasoner. However, it's been argued, by Win Scott Eckert, that Leiko Smith is the actually the great-granddaughter of Fu Manchu. Source Link ]

Events detailed in "Death From the Sky" unfold.
[ Death From the Sky by James Reasoner. Another tale of Mike Shayne and the Black Lotus. ]
Events detailed in "Doomsday Island" unfold.
[ Doomsday Island by James Reasoner. Another tale of Mike Shayne and the Black Lotus. ]
Through meditation, Shang Chi attempts to reach a state of balance. Attempting to feed his mind through deprivation of body, Chi must face the most daunting opponent yet... himself. Shang Chi witnesses a murder and cannot let the former Si-Fan assassin, a man called Sata, escape unpunished.
[ MOKF #107 ]

In a tale of espionage and intrigue, Shang Chi accepts the job of bodyguard for Dark Angel. However, the person he's guarding from danger turns out to be the danger.
[ MOKF #108 ]

The deadly weapons master, Zaran, returns. This time, he aims to give Shang Chi an untimely and painful end.
[ MOKF #109 ]

In a haunting tale of kung fu and revenge, Fu Manchu has sent his deadliest assassin to murder a blind man's wife. Shang Chi finds himself in the fight of his life as his armored foe seems to be able to give as good as he gets.
[ MOKF #114 ]

As Shang Chi and Leiko train, Dark Angel tells Tarr, Reston, and Sir Denis the tale of a deadly man known as the Ghost Maker. Shang Chi must defeat the single most dangerous man in Russia.
[ MOKF #110 ]

Ghost Maker intends to assassinate the Queen. Shang Chi intends to catch the deadly assassin and finish the affair.
[ MOKF #111 ]
While Smith files resignation papers with MI-6, he receives a a package containing an explosive mole. MI-6 interprets this act to be a message that Smith is a double agent. Shang Chi and company must travel to Toronto to investigate and hopefully clear Smith's name.
[ MOKF #112 ]

The cloak and dagger adventure in Toronto concludes. Shang Chi and associates head to Africa. Shang Chi must keep some diamonds from falling into the wrong hands, namely his sister's.
[ MOKF #113 ]

Smith is struggling with financial difficulties. Threatened with the possible loss of Stormhaven, it appears that Smith is willing to engage in forgery and other illicit activities. When the assassin named Death Dealer comes calling, Shang Chi and company must face this most deadly adversary. Rumor has it that Fu Manchu is alive!
[ MOKF #115 ]

Shang Chi searches for clues that will identify Death Dealer's employer. While dealing with an eviction notice, Smith is abducted. Shang Chi is captured and there's a blood letting for the son of Fu Manchu.
[ MOKF #116 ]

Shang Chi is at the mercy of his malevolent father, Fu Manchu. If he escapes, the hands of Shang Chi will have to defeat the dangerous Death Dealer and the dark creatures dwelling in the dungeons of devil Dr. Fu Manchu's lair.
[ MOKF #117 ]

In order to create the Elixir Vitae, his serum for immortality, Fu Manchu must obtain the blood of his hated son, Shang Chi. The Master of Kung Fu travels to Henan for a final confrontation with his father.
[ MOKF #118 ]

"Ole One Eye", Rufus Carter, returns and he requires Shang Chi's assistance. Carter is running his own investigative agency and is hired to help a Scottish land owner save his property from some treasure hunting neighbors.
[ MOKF #120 ]

The strange creatures of Mordillo's Island return to plague Shang Chi and his friends. Brynocki, the little homicidal android, returns. He's still attempting to get his daddy issues under control. Brynocki decides it would be a good idea to kidnap Leiko, bring her back to Mordillo's island where he can kill her and prop her bones on a throne next to his deceased boss.
[ MOKF #119 ]

When Shang Chi's latest caper sends him after an important book, he soon finds himself in a cross-country chase with spies and double agents around every turn.
[ MOKF #121 ]

Reston is hired to track down a former MI-6 agent that has turned and is working for the Soviets. Reston is exposed to experimental hallucinogens.
[ MOKF #122 ]
Coming to terms with killing his father and hoping for some kind of family reconciliation, Shang Chi enters his mother's New York apartment only to find the place trashed and Si-Fan assassins waiting. After dealing with Fu Manchu's loyal henchmen, Shang Chi continues to hunt for his mother. Shang Chi is lead to various dead ends and an encounter with a deceitful waitress.

When Shang Chi finally meets his mother, She is not happy to see him. Still loyal to Fu Manchu, she denounces Shang Chi as a "false son". She has joined the Si-Fan and promises that Shang Chi will suffer vengeance for the death of Fu Manchu.
[ MOKF #123 ]

In Tibet, Shang Chi continues the quest to find peace with his fathers death. He's searching for the Minya Konka Mountain and must pass through the "Monastery of Fear" at Rachë Churân, a secluded mountain village where Fu Manchu studied in his youth. Once at the monastery, he's defeated in combat and mesmerized by the Lama of Rachë Churân. Ascending Mount Minya Konka, he's forced to step off the cliff, but is rescued by a Yeti-like creature referred to as Migou. Shang Chi converses with an unknown entity in the caves of wisdom where he's told to pay respects at his fathers grave.
[ MOKF #124 ]

At Fu Manchu's fortress in Henan, Shang Chi gives respect to his sire and prays for Fu Manchu's spirit to find peace. Seeing ghostly shapes, Shang Chi leaves the meditation chamber where he's confronted by his father's warped biological experiments. Destroying these monsters, Shang Chi leaves his fathers retreat.

As Shang Chi travels, he encounters a troupe of touring actors and he takes up their offer to experience their next performance. Unfortunately, the play strikes too close to home for Shang Chi. Shang Chi locates a small village.

Here, he's haunted and attacked by a masked specter, a Noh Master who claims to have been sent by Shang Chi's mother. Attempting to drive him insane, Shang Chi is tormented by re-living traumatic events from the past. While disoriented by hallucinations, Shang Chi must engage in battle during a rain storm. Surviving the battle, Shang Chi allows this storm to wash his past away.
[ MOKF #125 ]
When Leiko is abducted by the terrorist called Argus, Shang Chi is drawn back into games of death and deceit. Nayland Smith is revealed to have retired. Shen Kuei returns to assist Shang Chi and associates. Shang Chi is exposed to a deadly toxin. He is given no more than a year to live by doctors.
[ MCP #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ]
Shang Chi's imminent death has caused Leiko Wu to take a leave of absence from Freelance Restorations and spend these last few months living with him in Hong Kong. When Leiko is kidnapped by an old adversary, Shang is required to run "The Gauntlet" to rescue her.
[ MCP #156, 157, 158 ]

Shang Chi tracks down his father's legacy, the last of Fu Manchu's Elixir Vitae. It's uncertain whether the elixir has neutralized the poison, but he faces the prospects of either extended life or imminent death with inner peace.
[ MOKF BB #1 ]
After the events of Bleeding Black, Shang Chi separates from Leiko and returns to a life of seclusion on an island off the coast of China. Leiko retruns to London. Tarr, Reston, and Leiko return to MI-6. Reston and Leiko are married. Fah Lo Suee no longer holds any high-ranking position within MI-6, though the circumstances are not revealed.
[ MOKF MAX #1-6 ]
Shang Chi is called back into service to help Tarr and Reston deal with a deadly mastermind called the Ghost. This villain has rediscovered a deadly weapon invented by Nicola Tesla and has captured Leiko. The Ghost is originally thought to be the immortal Count of St. Germain, but actually proves to be Dr. Fu Manchu. In the conflict, both Fu Manchu and Shang Chi's brother, Moving Shadow, appear to die. Shang Chi returns to his reclusive lifestyle.
[ MOKF MAX #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
Shang Chi must stop the efforts of a drug-lord called "Cursed Lotus".
[ JIM #514, 515, 516. It has been suggested that Cursed Lotus is actually Fah Lo Suee. Presumably embittered by her displacement from MI-6, she has turned to a life of crime. However, it's more likely that "Cursed Lotus" is actually Leiko Smith, aka "The Black Lotus". Leiko Smith is, either, the daughter or granddaughter of Fah Lo Suee, making her Shang Chi's niece or grandniece. Source Link None of the other characters appear in this adventure except by means of a photo showing Shang Chi with Leiko, Tarr, and Reston. ]
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