The Council of Seven


Emir Abdulla al-Abbas, Sir Mostyn Bierce, Captain Cooper, Fah Lo Suee, Ahmed Fayume, Fu Manchu, Dr. Griswal, Ki-Ming, Selwyn Orson, Sam Pak, Colonel Otto von Seidler, Solkel, Yen-Sun-Yat.

To oversee the operations of an international confederation composed of seven powerful secret societies from the East.

Rudolf Adlon, Dr. Morris Craig, Marcel Delibes, General Diesler, Shan Greville, Raymond Harkness, Captain Mark Purcell Hepburn, Pietro Monaghani, General Quinto, Shang-Chi, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, James Brownlow Wilton.


1913 - 1914
Yen-Sun-Yat of the Council of Seven provided assistance to the Reverend J.D. Eltham, earning the reverend the wrath of Fu Manchu as he attempted to learn who the traitor within the Si-Fan was. Yen-Sun-Yat was ultimately executed by the Si-Fan in China.
[ The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu ]

After Fu Manchu fell out of good standing within the Sublime Order, making an enemy of his rival Ki-Ming. Ki-Ming attempted to seize control of the Si-Fan. Fu Manchu regained control with the aid of his daughter Fah Lo Suee, the Lady of the Si-Fan. Fu Manchu and Fah Lo Suee attended a gathering of the Si-Fan - including the Council of Seven - in England, in which Fah Lo Suee was presented to the Si-Fan. This gathering was witnessed by Dr. Petrie. Fu Manchu and Fah Lo Suee managed to escape when the building was raided.
[ The Hand of Fu Manchu ]

Fah Lo Suee assumed leadership of the Si-Fan from her father. She hosted a meeting of the Council of Seven at El-Kharga, Egypt. When the gathering was infiltrated by Nayland Smith and his ally Shan Greville, the Si-Fan turned on them and Greville was briefly made their prisoner. Ultimately, Fu Manchu returned to lead the Si-Fan, relegating Fah Lo Suee to support him.
[ The Daughter of Fu Manchu ]

Ahmed Fayume of the Council of Seven was present in New York during Fu Manchu's attempt to control the US Presidential election. He was detained by Smith, but was released due to lack of evidence. Fu Manchu's long-time ally Sam Pak was also revealed to be one of the Council of Seven, but was likewise unable to be charged.
[ President Fu Manchu ]

The Council of Seven ordered the deaths of fifteen men who could cause World War II. Many of these were killed while some, such as Pietro Monaghani, submitted and were spared.
[ The Drums of Fu Manchu ]

The Council of Seven offered a position to Dr. Morris Craig, inventor of the transmuter disintegrator weapon, but Craig turned them down. The Council of Seven sought to obtain the device by other means.
[ The Shadow of Fu Manchu ]

The Council of Seven (Fah Lo Suee, Emir Abdulla al-Abbas, Sir Mostyn Bierce, Dr. Griswal, Colonel Otto von Seidler, Selwyn Orson, and Captain Cooper) held a meeting in Manhattan. Unknown to them, Orson was actually an FBI agent. All but Fah Lo Suee were captured by Smith and Raymond Harkness.
[ The Wrath of Fu Manchu ]

  • The Council of Seven are master planners and serve as top-tier leadership for an international confederation composed of powerful secret societies from the East. These secret societies include the Sublime Order of the White Peacock, Heaven and Earth Society, Three Harmonies Society, Celestial Order of the Si-Fan, Dacoits of Burma, Thuggees of India, Hashishans of Syria,
  • The group referred to as the Council of Seven, in MOKF GS #1 and MOKF #27, is not the "Council of Seven". This group has been properly identified as the Seven Elite Assassins of the Si-Fan.

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